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My name is Daniel Brito. I was born in Hialeah, Florida on August 24, 2004. I now live in Miramar, Florida. I don't have any pets. My favorite foods are popcorn chicken, cheese sandwiches, and pizza. I first became a Lego set lover since I was a baby playing with Lego Quatro. My favorite Lego themes are Mixels, Star Wars, Advanced Models, Nexo Knights, and City. I love vacations to theme parks or other locations. So far, I got 8 awards and certificates at school. I hope to get more soon. My favorite TV series is Mixels (Cartoon Network). My favorite Mixel is Tapsy. My favorite animal is Caenorhabditis elegans (a nematode species in which all specimens, regardless of size, have exactly 959 cells).