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Hello and welcome to my account. I might not be here for a long time, but you don't need me to check out my models or my renderings, do you? Talking about renderings, if you like one of my models so much that you want to render it, please ask me wether you may do so and send me the image before the upload. If you need anything, just leave a note on my desk, I'll read it once I come back. Or you can send me a private telegram, which might remain unresponded as well. There were some things happening here that I need my time and space to bear with. I have something to tell you though: Do. Not. Feed. The. Troll. If you ever encounter people misbehaving, ignore them. Do not react to them in any way. They are likely to want you to become angry, but you can intimidate them by ignoring their posts, models, comments, etc. Even if their posts are directed against you (as it often happens to me) ignore it. Keep as cool as I know you can be and look over it. You are a great person, and you're not going to let yourself get pushed around by 9-year-old brats. By the way, that fancy brown door over there leads to my workshop and storage room, which is off-limits! But while you're here, could you make yourself useful and do the dusting for me? I have probably not been here a while, but I don't want this shop to become a mess. I think there's a candy jar on the phone table, so feel free to have some when you're done, if they are still edible... Also, if you happen to be one of my following companions in business: @Sebachie, @T.O.S.H. (Happy 1K by the way!), @justyouraveragebuilder, @LeastFitAstronaut, @WizardBuildz1, @KingOfAce, @BricksAndBones, @The_An0nym, @NINJACATZ and @Starborn; to you and all the other loyal members I may have missed out: I have to apologise. To each of you. Apologise for temporarely leaving the club. But with now two morons staining our forum it has just become hard for us to just talk. And I do not want to make puns or post cool references while one guy posts a wall of 'E's and the other won't stop asking us to forgive him. I hope we had some fun together, I definitely had. I will blend in here and there, maybe once a week, maybe once a month. But not as long as those two keep defiling the forum. And not as long as you don't learn to not feed the troll. If I do return, please just enjoy the time I am there, because it will not be for a long time. I will not forget the times we spent together, and I hope you will neither. Please know that I always read my notifications. If anything is going on, I know it. So I might not be entirely there, but I am also not entirely gone either... Thanks for reading this far. My thoughts are with you! DO NOT FEED THE TROLL. ~leatho