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so, I didn't update my bio at all except for this little part right here and I added a PS. so... yeah. I am an AWOL* named justyouraveragebuilder, my nicknames are justy, jyab, rageb, and oura. So first off, I don't want to make anybody feel left out, angry or sad whenever using this site. so make sure to tell me if I make you feel that way. second, everyone's titled to their own political opinion and religion. so if anybody says your religion is fake, tell me and I'll get it sorted out. third, I believe that everyone is equal, no matter what. if christianity is real, I believe everyone deserves to go to heaven. my personal belief is that if people switched skin colors for the day, then everyone would get along fine afterwards, and thats why I love that LEGO people color is yellow. and fourth, if you are gay, god loves you, if you are lesbian, mormon, hindu, jewish, or any belief, god loves you. god will never love you any more, god won't love you any less. god will always, always, ALWAYS love you. (my) god loves each of you, with NO exceptions, and I do too. amen. P.S. one last thing, when people put christian in their thingy so it'll be like CTFOL or CTWFOL of CAFOL of CAWOL or etc. it really is kind of annoying. thats like going up and down the streets with a cartoonishly large sign saying "I ATE PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" strapped onto your head. thats all. *Avid waffle of Lampshades, what do you think it meant?