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Hello, Fellow Mecabricks User! I’m a human specimen of the male gender! I’m also a Christian TFOL who mainly enjoys the MCU, but I also like Wizarding World, Middle-Earth, a little Star Wars and DC, and other books and movies. I’m also into drawing and filmmaking. Some building info about me: I’m medium-short in LEGO because I follow the leg rules of the Harry Potter sets, (Ages -12 short, 13-14 medium, and 15+ tall), but I’m not short in real life. I make a large model every 2 weeks, and I make lots of Minifigures and Brickheadz. A Minifigure I make will be deleted if it gets used in another model of mine to save storage. On MB I use rubber colors on hair to add texture. My PFP is a famous painting called, “Prince of Peace”, and has a cool story you should check out. (it was done by an 8-year-old girl named Akiane Kramarik!). Lastly, my favorite bible verse is Romans 8:28: “And so we know that all things work together for the good of those who love God- those whom he has called according to his purpose.” Some of my friends/people I follow with no specific order: @The_An0nym, @BatDog, @Lax_Swag5, @Slimbrick1, @Hadez, @General_Veers, @SamW, @Marvel_Collector01