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Heyo peoples!! I'm SusiHevonen1023! But you can call me Susi(which means wolf in Finnish). I am 15. I am homeschooled. I'm also a hardcore Christian. I Love LEGO, Ninjago, Star Wars, HTTYD, Narnia, fantasy and historical fiction books, and a ton of other things (that I am not gonna type out cuz that would take forever lol). I am currently writing a book that I am planning to publish this year (2022). I am also writing a Ninjago fanfiction and a Star Wars fanfiction. Which I am posting on here. I currently have 13 Ninjago fanfics planned. Which includes 2 short stories(maybe more cuz some of the normal-sized stories might be pretty short), two Next-Gen ninja fanfics, and one last generation ninja fanfic. I also have several Star Wars fanfics planned(At least four). But on here you can expect to see some Minifigure creations(or I suppose renders?)of my Ninjago and Star Wars OCs. But please be nice I am just now learning how to do this and it is quite confusing. I may not post often or even be on here often I am quite busy. - Susi H. P.S. I happen to use parentheses, lol, and exclamation marks a lot sorry. And sorry if I spelled anything wrong. P.P.S. I am on Lego Life but I am not verified. My username is SophisticatedNya050. P.P.P.S Does this seem too long? Nah.