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Howdy doody, and welcome to my page, if you click one of my models, I will automatically download a virus onto your computer and destroy the world... ...Just kidding, or am I... I guess you will never really know. Anyways I am a 14yr old Christian, homeschool gamer and artist. I am a HUGE fan of The Wingfeather Saga, the books are the best books in the history of the world, and just when things couldn't get any better, Angel Studios is making a Wingfeather Show! Also I am currently working on a book which I hope to publish to the public when I am done. My friends on Mecabricks are KoA: He is the best friend anyone could ask for, we like pretty much the same stuff, we met (online) about 2 years ago on Lego ideas, and talked everyday on one of my models, I think we got over 300 comments on that model O_O, then, unfortunately, someone either ratted on us, or Lego found us and got mad, but one day, I went to log in and my account had been banned, sooo... Yeah, but thankfully, KoA told me about Mecabricks so I asked my parents about joining, and here I am, luckily Mecabricks had PM's so KoA and I could talk and nobody would care, Until that fateful day, for some weird reason, Our PM stopped working, WHY!?!?!?! anyways, I emailed scrubs and I hope he can figure it out, anyways, Thanks for being one of my best friends. Next up on my list of friends is... Drumroll please... Laxswag5, He was a good friend, now he is gone :( *sigh* Anyways, Lax taught me quite a bit, from rendering to building models to forums and other stuff like that so special thanks to Lax, *sniffle* my other friends (I am not really gonna go into detail cause #1 I am Lazy-ish and #2 I can't really remember all my friends, no hard fellings right?) anyways, my other friends are, (get ready for it) Okay, 1. Fireblade, 2. KoA, 3. LaxSwag5, 4. Justyouraveragebuilder, 5. Randdan, 6. Wizardbuilds1, 7. Eminem, 8. Greenflame, 9. Dragonrider, 10. Charles. Okay, I can't think of anymore, my brain is mush right now, anyways, if you are my friend and I forgot, just let me know, kay'? Okay, next topic RAPS! I love raps, I am actually working on some raps RN, My favorite rappers are... Bryson Gray, Tyson James, Tom macdonald, Topher, TMR, (the marine rapper) Forgiato Blow, Hi-Rez, Chandler Crump and Killwill. #BEANIESQUAD