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UPDATE!!!! I am a Christian TFOL and a TFOST (teen fan of Star Wars). i love sketching, lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, wingfeather saga and Rangers apprentice. I also like hunting, fishing, playing outside in general and sledding. My family lives in the country and owns 20 chickens, 5 cats and 2 dogs. I am planning on starting a youtube channel for Stopmotion. You can get to my lego ideas account by clicking the little globe at the bottom. My friends are WizardBuilds1, Silverlightning22, Cole08, Lego Pride, JustYourAverageBuilder, Galaxist, Lax_Swag5, Greenflame24, StarMate, Duckduckguz, Marina_Studios04, TallGirl2006, LegoMinis, WizardBuilds1, Moonlight08, WynterStudios02 and BlackFlame49. Some people ask if they can be friends or if they can put somebody on their friends list, but I believe that If you think you are friends you are most likely friends. My favorite minifigures that I own are Gimli from lord of the rings, Gandalf and a plain phase 1 clone trooper. I am the secretary of a WeiRD club and I have a contests and activity's forum. I make mocs, Minifigs and string something or others. My favorite quote is: HARRY POTTER FREAK!!! YABBA DABBA DOO!!