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UPDATE!!!! I am a Christian TFOL and a TFON (teen fan of ninjago). i love sketching, lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, wingfeather saga and Rangers apprentice. I also like hunting, fishing, playing outside in general and sledding. My family lives in the country and owns 26 chickens, 5 cats and 2 dogs. I am planning on starting a youtube channel for Stopmotion. You can get to my lego ideas account by clicking the little globe at the bottom. My friends are Ecliptic, Lax_Swag5, Greenflame24, StarMate, Duckduckguz, Marina_Studios04, TallGirl2006, LegoMinis and RedFlame49. My favorite minifigure that I own is Gimli from lord of the rings. I am the secretary of a WeiRD club and I have a contests and activitys forum. I make mocs, Minifigs and string something or others.