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*music blasting over speakers* HEY WAS UP?! I SEE YOU FOUND MY LITTLE SLICE OF PARADISE!! *turns music off* SO… *clears throat* so, my name is [Redacted] and im [Redacted] years old, i live in the USA in the state of [Redacted] and the city is [Redacted]. Ok i guess i can tell you my age… im [Redacted] years old. Fine fine, I’ll Actually tell you this time… Im ¡∞ years old. (Maybe one of you puzzle solvers can solve that! No hints.) Anyway, here is a brief history of my time on MB (MecaBricks) i started out by asking… what was his name, armoured bricks or something like that how i post models. Then i posted one! Shortly after i got well Integrated into the community and became friends with users like Greenflame24 (r.i.p.), Justyouraveragebuilder, Lax-Swag5, Koa, _Charles_, pyrokynetickninjamaster (r.i.p.), Operator011 (r.i.p.), KnightOfElabor (r.i.p), Cakery (r.i.p.), Random_Dude, A7X, and so on and so forth. Honestly my history on mb is kinda lame… OH! A few things happened, i was president of mb once (or was i vp..) i re-started a war (multiple times) on a satan model (not my greatest moment) i once found a random model named “climb this” (it was a giant staircase) so i made a model with the same staircase with my sigfig and i titled it “Challenge accepted!” Or something like that. I once made a robot that threatened to destroy mb. But other than that i didnt do much… anyway to more recent times! I left mb for about 6 months then i came back! I decided it was time for a fresh start so i deleted all my models. ALL of them. Then i made an “Im back” model. After that, i re-integrated just as easily as when i first joined. I think im considered one of the more “famous” mb users but idc. I mean when i joined i was like “I wanna be famous like ApocalypticBrick!” (He was the reason i joined… in the end he was a jerk.) so i guess i completed the goal? Its no different then being a normal user tho. Honestly it just means 20+ notifs every time i check mb. [NOTE FOR ALL YOU LESS KNOWN USERS TRYNA GET MORE “POPULAR”] join the weird forum! You’ll have instant success. Just watch out for Djfox and Mepink, there a little off. Now im not saying the goal of mb is to be a success im just saying if you want to then do it. The goal of mb is to be a safe, respectful community where people can build whatever they want. [end of the mb me] [now for irl me] So as i said my name is [Redacted] jk, lol. Not telling yall my name, age or location. Thats just common sense. I am a believer in Jesus, i believe he died and rose again, i believe god created the universe. That will never change. Things that i like, music (Duh, i was blasting music when you got here.) but dont ask what my favourite artist/song/album is. I cant answer. I like movies, mostly marvel. if you question my knowledge of the mcu ill write a BOOK explaining it. Dont test me. Im not to exited for the ms.marvel tv show (SHES AN INHUMAN NOT SOME PERSON WHO GOT AN ALIEN BRACELET!!!! YOU CANT CHANGE A POWER SET LIKE THAT!!) i cant wait for moon knight (i know five days but still, cant. Wait.) but i HATE the moon knight costume redesign. Fight me! My opinion wont change. It sucks. I dont like the Eternals movie (Phastos and it was like dc tried to make a marvel movie.) i also dont like black widow (Taskmaster has Always been a dude, i have nothing against women i just dont get why they had to butcher the character like that.) black widow is like the divergent series and the rest of marvel is the hunger games. Its good, its just no hunger games. I liked falcon and the winter solder despite people saying it was bad. I like Harry Potter but i prefer fantastic beasts, although i dont like that its not Jonny dep, It was his wife that was the crazy person not him. I wouldnt mind if we waited another 3 years for them to reshoot the entire movie with Jonny depp instead. I like the hunger games (the first is my 2nd-3rd favourite movie) i like the divergent series. The Star Trek movies are cool, probably in my top 25 movies, out of the old tv shows i prefer Picard to Kirk, Picard is superior in every way. Httyd 2 is the best animated movie of all time in my opinion. All three are great but 2 is just amazing. Oh another marvel thing, i thin Andrew Garfield spider-man is better than tom holland. I also like video games, my top 10 favourite video games are: #1. Halo Infinite, #2. Halo Reach, #3. Halo 3, #4. Halo CE, #5. Halo 2, #6. Halo ODST, #7. Halo 5, #8. Halo 4, #9. Fortnite and #10. Mari Kart. Yes all the halo games are my favourites. Dont judge. I like lego (i mean this is a lego website). Favourite food is pho or pad tai. Both are fire. Dr. Pepper is superior to all other colas. AoS is cannon to mcu (i know, im changing subject.) but runaways, inhumans and those other showers are not. Daredevil, punisher, luke cage, iron fist and defenders are cannon (daredevil is in spiderman nwh and kingpin is in hawkeye. Daredevil is in defenders so the other shows have to be cannon.) [pm me if you disagree with anything in the bio btw] Fruity dino bites are the best cereal. Not the flint stones one, the off brand one. Hamilton is TERRIBLE. Its the worst musical/play ive ever seen. Fight. Me. Jk, But seriously, its bad. I love flannels, best invention ever. I always wear them irl, even in summer. Converse are the best, i doubt I’ll ever wear a different brand shoe again. There comfortable, lightweight and they last a decently long time. I want to play guitar and work out more, i also am getting a bike soon so thats fun. I despise cockroaches and spiders. THERE MONSTERS!! Bugs in general are monsters. Favourite marvel character is daredevil then moon knight is a close second. Favourite dc character is red hood. Favourite Star Wars character you ask? Darth maul. He’s epic. [thats all im writing in the bio for now, come back later for chapter two: more random thoughts!] T.A.H.I.T.I.