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Hello! I'm a TFOL from the USA, and I love to build! I started playing with LEGO at three years old. My dad had a lot of LEGO as a kid, and he gave pretty much all of it to me. I've been building ever since. I have a bit of a PFP business, and if you are in need of one, make sure to give me a PM! I am doomed to put "#XD" in the tags of every post after Sep, 2. 2020. So, if I don't, call it out in the comments of that post, and you get a free render (by me)! Cyberpunk, futuristic, Mediterranean, and countryside are some of my favorite styles to build in. I love building Star Wars replicas, MOCs, and minis. My LEGO Ideas account is TheEleventhOperator, my discord account is Operator011 (with code of #3353), and my LEGO Life username is MisterFunEyezor. Bye!