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I'm back to being OffTheRoadGuy, yay!! Name was changed to NateTheBate for a bit, glad to have my original name again :grin: I'm a Christian, teenaged flat earther. I like to create things, draw, and . . . do other things that aren't very interesting. I don't watch Star Wars or MCU, or anything like that. My username refers to a mobile off road game by DogByte Games, but I sadly don't play it any more because my tablet died :( But I come on MecaBricks like every week day, and sometimes on weekends. My friends on MecaBricks: Ferranbricks, Vegan_Studios, ViralVillager, EvanPlay95, N1, The_An0nym, ILike8WideCars,, and others! iMe gusta hablar español! Credit to PeachPirate for the pfp!