Member since 31 May 2020
Hi, Mecabricks. I am Patrick. I am a big Marvel fan, especially the MCU, a.k.a the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I am a big LEGO fan as well, so that’s why I use Mecabricks. I enjoy building purist custom minifigures, vehicles and buildings. It all started back in 2019, when the Avengers Endgame LEGO sets were released. I was very excited at first. But after I watched the movie. I found out that a lot of them were inaccurate, so I started to build some custom minifigures, in order to make them accurate. I build some missing LEGO characters in the MCU as well, such as Jane Foster, Erik Selvig....., in order to expand my LEGO collection. I will watch some Minisuperheroestoday’s LEGO custom tutorials, in order to get some ideas for my customs when I am free.