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Hello fellow MecaBricks users. I am a Christian Male TFOL who does half day school. I believe very much in right and wrong. I’m fluent in English, Spanish and can read Italian, French and Portuguese. I’m a HUGE Star Wars, Marvel, LOTR and Harry Potter fan (although Fantastic Beasts is better…) I love Reading, Math, building LEGO, History, Drama and Writing. I have a HUGE addiction to math and have figured out and memorized 3 to the 15th power and everything in between. I hope to be an actor and author someday. If I do end up as any of those I’ll tell you guys, although I doubt it’ll happen. I occasionally play video games. My favorites are Minecraft, Bed Wars and Civilization V. My favorite Authors are Brandon Sanderson, J.R.R Tolkien, J.K Rowling, Jennifer A. Nielsen, Charles Dickens, John Sears Barker and Mark Twain. I’m gonna be able to meet Brandon Sanderson and Jennifer A. Nielsen in a writing camp I’m going to soon. My favorite Actors are Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Tom Holland, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Lloyd, Samuel Jackson, Emma Watson, Orlando Bloom and Chris Evans. My Friends here on MB are Justy, Wiz, Lax, Veers, Cole08, Slimmy, Customs, Justy, Wiz, L_E_G_O, Zekar, Stat, Avem, LM6383, SebastionButton, NINJACATZ and SuperPup1. My Favorite movies series, movies and tv shows are, Star Wars, LOTR, Hobbit, Doctor Strange, Tom Holland’s Spiderman, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Bad Batch, Rebels, Book of Boba Fett, Clone Wars, Mandalorian and many others. My Friends call me LM, Monsieur Pringles (@Justy *sigh*), Matthew and MatLocke. I write under the pen name of Matthew W. Locke but I haven’t published anything before. I’m a big BYU fan, GO COUGS. I also play ALOT of chess. In school I’m known as the Chessking or Chessmaster. My favorite singers are Billy Joel and basically just him although I do listen to music quite frequently. Some of my favorite activities are biking, skiing, chess, math, reading, writing, acting, playing chess, spending time with my family, playing board games, Torájitzu (Essentially Karate), building LEGO, geeking out about Star Wars, Marvel or LOTR, reading my scriptures, pounding the idiots who think it’s funny to pick on other people and hiking. I believe that we should elect Sauron for President in order to make Mordor Great Again. I’m on Mecabricks basically everyday so if you need something you can just contact me. I code a lot, especially in Java and JavaScript. I have a business here on MB, it’s free, it’s called “LegoMaster707’s Custom Incorporated”. You can find it in the link below. Here is a quote from Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.” You should all know that there are people out there who appreciate you, have a good day! -Matthew W. Locke P.S I’ve given you enough hints that you should be able to figure out my general whereabouts…