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“Yellow there.” You suddenly stop in your tracks, your feet skidding across a slick floor that had just been waxed. As you get your bearings, you realize that you’ve gone too far in the MecaBricks hallways. You are in a dark corner of the website that a very few amount of people visit. You turn around and see the brightly lit halls filled with happy builders and wish you were there. But alas, you are here. In my domain. ‘Don’t you forget about me’ by The Deke Squad plays softly in the background from a walkman. You try to focus on the song and not on the sparking of the lifeless light fixture above you that casts a shadow on your surroundings. Curiosity pokes at you and you find yourself wanting to venture forward and see what lies ahead in this blackened corner of MecaBricks. You walk slowly, noticing a large amount of Jurassic Park memorabilia on the shelves that line the walls. You reach a table and halt quickly when you spot my crossed legs with mismatched socks on my feet. You squint at the shadowed couch behind the table where you know I am sitting. You suddenly remember the two words that made you skid into this place and realize that they were said my me. “Hi,” you manage to squeak out, your voice sounding higher than normal. I give no response, since you were replying to my greeting. You stand there awkwardly, desperately trying to block out the sound of bat wings fluttering above your head. You stare down at my blue jeans and bravely ask, “Are you a demon? No human legs are that skinny.” I laugh shortly. “Not last I checked.” “Who are you then?” Your curiosity must’ve been overwhelming. “I am a Jedi,” I say, igniting a blue lightsaber that makes you jump back. “Like my father before me.” You take a step forward to look at my face, which would’ve been pleasant out in the lighter hallways, but down here in the blue glow of my saber, I look ghostly. I disengage my saber right after you notice my red headband and wand sticking out from behind my ear. You breath in deeply, fear starting to creep in, but curiosity still at its largest. “What do you do back here?” I shrug, but you can’t see it. “I write my fan-fiction mostly, but I do enjoy creating some memes.” You do not think that this is a very meme worthy place. “I also take pictures for my comics on LEGO Life,” I continue. “You should read them, and my fan-fics, I promise they’ll be worth your time.” “Ok, yeah.” Your eyes dart around hurriedly as you look for a place to escape, wistfully remembering the sunny side to MecaBricks. “I’m gonna need to go now—” You turn to rush out, but you stop suddenly. “I didn’t get your name,” you say. “The name’s Unfit.” A smirk no one can see crosses my face. “Astro Unfit.”