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Howdy! I am a TFOL*! I like dinosaurs, drawing, play the piano, birdwatch and stop motion animation. Movies and shows I like are the The Mandalorian, The Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World, the Bourne Ultimatum, Mission Impossible, Back to the future. Most of all, I love LEGO's! My friends include @Lax_Swag5, @BlackFlame49, @RedSmoke7, @SlimBrick1, @BatDog, @Mando_CMF, @Duckduckguz, @justyouraveragebuilder, @vegan360, @Digital_Guy_4 and @SnapStudio. I like creating custom LEGO minifigures (typically movie characters) so if you you ever want a custom minifigure, check out this link Many thanks and credit to @BlackFlame49 for my profile picture! *Teenage Fan Of LEGO. Have a great day!