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hey guys! names Samuel, but my Mecabricks name is KingofAce! (as you can hopefully read '-') but you can call me KoA, and please.....don't capitalize the [o] it would be like saying USOA instead of USA. 0_O anyways, here are some things/hobbies I like. first off, I of course gotta say LEGO, I'm a HUGE nerd when it comes to it, I hope to become a LEGO designer in the future, in fact, :joy: I might learn Danish for my language in high school. b-d another thing I like a lot is animating and rendering in Blender! I do it [i]a lot. . .[/i]and really enjoy it! (for anyone who thinks Blender is too hard to learn, trust me, it not too hard, along as ya boi got YouTube that is) hmmm. . . what else do I like. . .hmm. . .well, let's talk music! some of my favorites artists are #1. Zach Diamond. Favorite song, Holidays (go check it out, its completely clean) #2. BoyWithUke. Favorite song, IDGA# (now that does say the f-word, but it's fire) #3.Ty Brasel. Favorite song. Phoenix in Exile ok, on to friends of MB! (pls don't be offended if you're not on this list, I may have forgotten you of just don't know you too well) @Starborn, (altho I still call him BlueFlame "_") he's just a cool dude to hang with! and I've known him for what, two years? well, I knew him long before I had an MB account. me and him would talk all day on a model on LEGO ideas. (probably why we both got ou accounts deleted, :joy: ) @FireBlade28, he's not only a great builder, (your Minifigures are so fricken cool!!) but a fun guy to hang with, always chill, you're great man! @Operator011/@GreenFlame24/@SnapStudio simply put. . . They're all crazy, '-' as in crazy at building MOCs and that stuff, and they keep Meca chill and welcoming! @Static_Builds, great builder, and the [i]most[/i] mature 10...11?-year-old, and is a blast to be around! @Comrad Justy, he needs help. let's just keep it at that 0_. @wizzypoo, the man of MANY names, like my own self ngl. he's like the only MB user who's good at posting at least once a week and is the best user on MB in my opinion, (no offense to anyone) he is just such a fun guy to hang with and always has something weird to say in the WeirdClub. (as one should) anyways, that's my bio! and yet again, I was [i]very[/i] lazy and didn't wanna take time writing this. KoA out *slurps loudly*