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Hello and Welcome. I am, You will adress me as, Captain Nerdz. I am the Creator of the ACU special forces. You are here for the recruitment process. -I hand you a folder- You: Whats this for? Its my Account folder and File. You will find everything you need here, to learn about me and the entirety of the ACU. You: What do I need this for? It contains the roles, ranks and most importantly, The entirety of my Unit. :spacermanwave: Heya there, you've stumbled into my folder, 'ey? Check it out, and don't forget to post a comment and a big fat thumbs up on my creations. Current Projects: Counter Terrorism, Anything with friends. Unfinished Projects: The Gang (Won't be finishing it, Its not exactly my taste anymore. To Come: Counter Terrorism chapters, 4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10. 10 is end of season. Achieved: 1k Views, 300 Views, 200 views, Spaceship Challenge, 100 views, Creation of my character. Sorry for the long read, just want 'ya to find out as much as possible about me. -You place the folder down- You: Wow. Welcome to the team. Socials: Discord: PrototypeDrone#5207 | Roblox: DarthVader121321