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Hello and welcome to my account! What is it called? JustNotToday of course! (You can just call me JNT, or Junoto, or NotTod, or... whatever, be creative!) I might not be here right now, but you don't need me to check out my models, do you? If you need anything, just leave a note on my desk, I'll read it eventually. Or you can send me a private telegram. Anyways, I got something to tell you: Do. Not. Feed. The. Troll. If you ever happen to encounter people misbehaving, ignore them. Do not react to them in any way. They are likely to want you to become angry, but you can intimidate them by ignoring their posts, models, comments, etc. It might be true that a report button has its advantages for "rich" platforms like YouTube, but considering the financial effort put into the moderation and guideline enforcement, I actively speak against such a concept for Mecabricks as it is. It was created and is mostly moderated by Scrubs alone after all. Checking for (and responding to) new reports or notifications as the only operator of an entire platform everyday is nothing to expect from one person alone. He doesn't do that because he doesn't care, but because he is a person, like all of us. ANYWAYS; Now to some people I am pleased to have met (hope they'll guess my name!) (Just kidding, I love that song!) Myself - (literally) I like myself. And who wouldn't say that about themselves? I am one of these builders, who might sometimes take quite a while to upload a (mostly transportation-related) model. I also love making references nobody understands and randomly turning into weird things like cups of dishwater, possessed MOS 6502 CPUs or waves of electronagnetic frequencies. (That last one was kinda embarrassing to me, since everybody could see and hear me as an interference on their radios and TV screens ...) I also own a bike with a Flux Capacitor that broke down on one of my jaunts. Welp, I am now stuck a few hours in the future. T.O.S.H. (RIP) - A very nice guy with a big understanding of friendship and a great taste of music! He even made some custom head prints for me! Honestly though, I'd go through the boondocks and back with this guy, or shorter: He's my best friend here and I trust him. (You'll win your finals next time bro!) JCFRK (R.I.P.) He was a good bloke to hang out with. And he was a man of many names. Justkiddingfork and SURFACES were just some of them, which made him kinda hard to find. Oh, and he got a brother who is here as well. Jc_Freak: JCFRK's active brother. Really cool guy with a decent humor, basically a slightly different JCFRK. BricksAndBones - Ah, yes, good ol' chap Brittle Bones Bricky! A nice builder with a great sense of humor and a fellow man of culture he is! Besides, he is the best ceiling lamp designer I've ever known here! Welcome back, B'nB! justyouraveragebuilder - Weird guy. Nice guy. Funny guy. "Weinicenny" guy? Definitely 100% Yes Yup Approved Correct Right! If you ever happen to laugh out loudly here, it's probably his fault. And, by the by, he's a bunch of human brain cells trapped in a computer and tasked with infesting Mecabricks' coding. (That's how I understood it at least) LeastFitAstronaut - She sure can be considered as an author of very distinct stories with deep, spiritual and reflective morality, which she publishes on Mecabricks for you to read for the prize of fwee! Besides a writer, she is also fascinated of our Universe. (Good luck with your career(s) [and happy berphday]!) KingOfAce - A wise guy with a great understanding of animating and rendering with Blender. (Something must be done about this excessive usage of Blender, it can't be good for him xD) Also got some SICK building techniques, which makes him one of the most creative users of MB. After all, he is truly a person that I am proud of having met! Ferranbricks - With his dedication to his work (vintage cars), he's definitely one of the coolest people here, not at last for his enriching contests! And thank you for building the Cadillac Fleetwood for me! General_Veers - Creator of wonderful models that are full of detail and dedication! (especially the spaceships!) He is an awesome friend with whom I often exchanged experiences and opinions. Starborn - He's a little bit of everything, but mostly a great dude to talk, chatter and debate with. He also has a huge stock of really cool sig-figs and well-designed custom parts for various occasions! Sebachie - Certainly one of the best users I have ever known. He assists those he cares about through good and bad times with his saucerful of very good humor and his big heart. Glad that you're back! You, too, are one of the users whom I trust the most. WizardBuilds1 - A great person who puts all his efforts in his believe and his anticipations ... and his (mostly movie-related) jokes and obscure insiders. (Happy 2-year-anniversary!) DuckDuckGuz - He makes really cool animations and custom designs and funny jokes every once in a while and is always a great guy to chat with. And he loves ducks. And Quack! r2d2j2b2 & realdragonheart - L O C O M O T I V E S. (locomotives) fr3nchto4st - Builder of really beautiful, minifig-scale vintage and retro cars. LeKirbsterWrinkles - Very cool user. He is a creative person who makes his own comics and uploads some recreations on MB, as well as some clean custom part designs, like the Pilot livery of my sigfig. Thanks man! Hector53 - Also, a very funny and dishtinguish guy and friend to keep. Makes awesome custom designs on demand. (I'll come up with a new sig-fig for you soon!) OffTheRoadGuy - A supportive friend to have in any situation. (Happy 3-year-anniversary!) BRICK_FORGE - Really great guy. Makes funny jokes here and there. Cakery - He's very familiar with guidelines. If you are unsure 'bout something on Mecabricks, ask him. He's always there to help. And he has a very unique ... sig-fig (?), as well as stunning building skills. Fireblade28 - A really good guy to chat with all day long! (Day 30 on waiting for the tree contest model (= ) Mufin_King - A new member that I am glad to know! And a somewhat familiar face... NinjaDude2011 - An awesome user who posts many Ninjago-Related models. He's the first guy who ever asked whether we could be friends. And celebrating over a year on MB! Congrats! -Lax_Swag5- (R.I.P.) - A user who sadly left. He always gave his best to make this platform a better place. Shall his efforts and achievements be remembered. Goodbye ol' pal... LegoMaster707_2187 - Same as with -Lax... HAHA, WAIT! He is out there, somewhere! Who would have thought that! Welp, welcome back, LM! Heathsplosion and Mecaboy - Not very active users, but they make very high-quality renderings! w35wvi - A user that I had some trouble with at first, but who now definitely is a great guy. Also makes sick cars. Didn't hear from him in a while though. Cole08 - A user who grew more active in the past, his renderings are clean as well! Greenflame24 - Designer of some cool microscale spaceships here! (And does a good job of entertaining here and there) The_An0nym - He also is a great partner for discussions of any topic, and has some of the coolest MB animations to offer! SuperPup1: Even though he remained unheard of to me for quire a while, I am glad to know this guy, not at last for his awesome humor and his custom minifigs! TheClipper - Sure makes some cool minifig designs! And he loves to include clipping into them, as his name suggests. Besides, a great guy to spend time with. NINJACATZ - A very understanding companion who really helped me develop in the hard time that was the start of my account. Thanks for your help! Shorekeepers - Surely a cool dude. He's less of a talker and more of a builder. Anyways, Welcome back, SK! Davidblokje - A really cool dude. Not meaning to advertise for him, but he deserves way more views with the dedication he puts into the models (mostly trains from the Netherlands and Germany) that he makes! (I just noticed, I didn't check on him in a while!) Alfred10 - Same as with @Davidblokje, but he's more into old-timey stuff! Scrubs - I am not putting Scrubs here because I know this person very good, I just find that the creator of a platform like this deserves an entry! Thanks Scrubs! Wow, now I said more about others than about myself 9_9 That should be everybody I know and find notable. If you find yourself notable as well, feel free to text me! I hope my thoughts on you are accurate. Here are some of my upcoming/planned projects of mocs that will be uploaded in the (not so) distant future: A steampunk trainstation (request by @Alfred10; progress: 5%, estimated month of upload: June 2022) The Weatherfield Empyria (a steampunk locomotive, progress: 45%, estimated month of upload: August 2022) 3K special (progress: 65%, estimated month of upload: August 2022) 1890s minifig-scale victorian brickhouse (progress: 15%, estimated month of upload: unsure) 1950s Deutz D-30 tractor (progress: 20%, estimated month of upload: August/ September 2022) Welp, thank you for reading this far, have an awesome day! Aaaaand finally, time for NotTod's weekly insiders: "I was at a camp once when they served us pasta with Nesquik powder mixed in. That was our lunch." - WizardBuilds1 "Yeah, these texts are so loud I can’t hear myself think!" - LeastFitAstronaut "*munches on............................................................... broken window*" - Fireblade28 "If I had a pet pickle, I’d call him Gherkie. Yep, no question about it. His name would be Gherkie." - WizardBuilds1 "Hmmmm, very nice choice. But of course as my dear friend and mentor Picklevander used to say. “The Pickle chooses the MB user Mufin, not the other way around.”" - Mufin_King "I guess I’m new so I wouldn’t completely understand but what do you mean by “Back on track” have there been *Gasp!* normal conversations on here!?" - Mufin_King (after Wiz determined a high level of WEIRDNESS in concersations of the W.E.I.R.D. Club) "Yeah... It looks like a fungus. But one that makes me hungry!" - NotTod, commenting on Mufin_King's Muffin "Pizza although it should be spelled peetza" - T.O.S.H. (after being asked what his favourite food is) "Oh no! Time to activate our secret weapon... AD-BLOCKER, FINISH 'EM! *mechanic growling*" - leatho's 1111th post (referring to Wiz complaining about... certain ads on YouTube) "Can I be honest and say that I thought someone would be falling out of the tree when I first saw the title, because I say autumn rather than fall..." - Alfred10 (commenting on Jono_Guard's 'Fall Tree') "*jumps* *that's literally all this comment is.*" - justyouraveragebuilder "DARN, Justy you just made me highlight that. >_<" - Fireblade28 (responding to @justyouraveragebuilder) "DARN IT, FireBlade you made me highlight that. 0_0" - KingOfAce (responding to @Fireblade28) "DIE, JEAN, DIE! IT'S YOU I'LL DISMEMBER! *switches station back* Fly Speed Guy, gives you a fender bander!" - justyouraveragebuilder, putting all his lyric talent into parodying the song "Dancing in September". "When I was learning the animal sounds as a toddler, my parents would ask me, 'what does the fishy say?' and I would screech 'FISHY GO SPLASH-SPLASH!' in response. We still have videos of that, and whenever I think of fish, I quote that line." - Wizardbuilds1 "Wow. I've missed a lot, haven't I?" - DuckDuckGuz, after being abscent for quite a while "yep. being dead is usually directly correlated." - justyouraveragebuilder, referring to @DuckDuckGuz. Well, that's all for this week, tune in next monday for more insiders! ~NotTod