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Jesus is my savior (mike drop)and because of him I have hope that I may see some of you after I die in paradise! I do not fear death because of him, I am one of God's his children and he is my father oh and thanks KOA for that old sweet pfp and thanks snapstudios for the nf hat My friends on mecabricks are LM even though he left he was a brave dude he stood up to the trolls and he were also a good freind and christian, and I hope he comes back. B&B the only other dude on this platform that raps he is funny and a good friend he also has no organs but no need to tell anyone that. Randdan is my best friend on Mecabricks, we had some good times he gave me a over internet bottle of kombucha one time, it was huge and I still have not finished it, one time we hunted nifflers and accidentally killed Ninjacats in the process of hunting nifflers anyway long story I have no time for. wiz is a dope dude he is just a good christian a guy everyone wants to be around. leatho is just a funny dude but watch out he may steal your beans when your not looking. Fireblade is a good builder and good christian he is extremely good at making swords, and is just a cool guy to be around, veers he builds crazy good models I defiantly would rank him one of the top 10 builders on the platform if I had to, but he is also a good friend and fun to be around. and most of all thanks Anyn0m for being my first friend when I went around calling myself a noob on mecabricks you talked to me and taught me how to animate you are a fun dude and a good friend who makes good animations. oh and I like the Chicago bears(NFL) Chicago bulls(NBA) Chicago cubs(MLB) and Kansas City chiefs(NFL)!!! my favorite christian music artist is Colten Dixon, Josh Garrels, and NF, my favorite non-christian band is imagine dragons , BoyWithUke, Queen, Tech n9ne. My three favorite songs are 1. Face off by Tech n9ne 2. would be IDGA* by BoyWithUke 3. would be Build a boat by Colton Dixon (Fireblade28 showed me that song). I also love to play American football, basketball, and baseball. I also like to play airsoft. Oh and I am into deep strategy board games and I am quiet fond of history and my favorite book series is the lion of war series which is a history fiction series of David's mighty men that's about it, I go to a church that has a place of prayer that has been going twenty four seven and it has been going on for twenty three years that is all for now ,oh and I eat dirt. I have a lot of siblings, 6 to be exact but there all younger than me, I go to a small private school it only has ~150 kids, at the school they make us learn greek and do logic and they make us memorize a LOT I have all 107 Westminster shorter catechisms memorized. I have memorized psalms 1,2,15,23 and I have the first chapter of James and all of the book of Philippians memorized, at the school we obviously learn all the normal stuff like math, spelling, history ect I was just telling you the weird stuff they teach us. You do not need to know my age except I am older than 1 and younger than 100 I have no pet for various reasons we do not need to get into that's all for now oh and remember when life throws you a problem eat a peanut or a cheeseburger. -God bless