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I'm a KFOL(About in the same situation as @Lego_Tron) and I'm not that active but I am working on a few big projects that I need to figure out how to import in from LDD on another device. I am planning to work on these all the way through my life until I'm 13 (About a year and two weeks away) and I plan to post them on Lego Ideas. I think what I'm going to try to do is create a LEGO Among Us Mira HQ set. The reason I'm going to do Mira is because there are already Among Us The Skeld LEGO Ideas sets. I plan on basing it off of the current LEGO Ideas spotlight set and with the same standards. I will also give credit to the creator of the The Skeld set and may either ask the creator if I can base something off of what they created, and if they are fine with it (or want to do a collab situation) then I will be all ears. Thanks for reading this far, you must be a resilient person. I honestly would want to personally meet other big LEGO fans that might live in my small town (even though the name portrays it as a city) other than the couple at the mall who started a LEGO store. Of course, if you did read it enough and lived in the same city as me you would know it. I mean, do you live in a place like I described? If so, you probably live at the foot of the Black Hills. Sound familiar? If it does, you know what I mean by all that. Thanks for your time!