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Yes! I’ve updated my profile… I need to do this on LEGO Ideas soon… like REALLY soon… anyways… Go Go ASTROS! Alright, enough of that. So, I am first and foremost a Christian, one who opposes the secular and liberal thinking of the day, knowing that that kind of thinking will lead to God’s judgment, and the collapse of a good and free society. I value my faith, and the faith of others. I’m also a writer, singer, and computer scientist… sorta… all of those are basically things I’ve tampered with. As many of you know, I am a big ASTROS fan, and as none of you know, I also am a small Rockies fan. Go Rockies… unless they are playing against the ASTROS, then GO ASTROS!!!!! Also, I’ve never seen Ninjago… just thought I might throw that in there, and I’m an LOTR/Hobbit fan. As one final note, and am in HUGE support of police officers. I don’t care what fake claims are made, most cops are out there to serve us, and care about people no matter what they look like. Keep the rules, and you will be fine. I love police, and support them fully. Blue Lives Matter! Cops are the endangered ones, pray for them, support them, and let them know you have their backs. P.S. A HUGE thanks to Operator011 for my old profile picture, he went through a LOT to get it made. Thanks O011! #GoNerdHerd