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~~Chapter 1~ Greetings, and hello. Redundancy is my specialty… hey, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it :-). Anyways, after seeing TallGrill… no… not ‘grill’… after seeing TallGirl2006 had outdone me in long profiles, and being startled that I had actually been satisfied with a short profile (something unusual now of days, for me), I decided it was time to change. So here I am… if you don’t like what I have to say, well, it’s now about if we agree, you’re just reading to find out about this Green dude right? Wait… I’m not the dude… that’s Random dude… and no, he won’t make an appearance in my profile… sorry to all you Random dude cult followers. Anyways, I’m first and foremost a Christian, anything else is shaped and saturated in that fact. Nothing I do or will do will not be touched by that, because it’s what I am. I believe that Jesus Christ, God in flesh, came and died for my sins and then rose again three days later, defeating death. Apart from this I would spend eternity in Hell, yet because of this I will spend eternity with Him when I die, unless he returns first. Other things that might identify me are, well, I’m a big fan of the Houston ASTROS. Yes, I’m an ASTROS fan, and I’m not ashamed about it. Let’s Go ASTROS!!! I’m also big into music, though I’m not good at producing it myself… my favorite artist would be Rich Mullins, then Andrew Peterson, Fernando Ortega, The Gettys, um… who else ;-)… not sure, but I like a lot of music… oh, The Arcadian Wild is also pretty good… Soundtrack is good too… My favorite song would be Sometimes By Step, a Rich Mullins song. Anyways, I’m also a LEGO builder… duh… and a failing comedian… failing meaning I’m not actually funny O_o… I love writing, and reading. Favorite books would be Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, and others I can’t remember at this moment. I also love space, and if I wasn’t planning to have a family I might seriously try to go there one day. I love listening to the preaching of John MacAurther, and though he doesn’t make me feel good, usually, Paul Washer is another amazing preacher… Scott Brown is also really good, and a ton of others I could mention… you gotta love good preaching. Anyways, I’m currently working on getting a computer science degree, but that could change ;-). I’m a member, and co founder, of the infamous yet glorious Nerd Herd, I hope to come across another member again someday. LET’S GO NERD HERD!!!!! I’m also a conservative, and stand for freedom and what I believe is right. I am grateful for police, and heavily support them. As well as firefighters, the military, and paramedics. Oh! I’m also a homeschool graduate. My current age is 18, and the date of my birth is none of your business ;-P. Anyways, I could stop… but why? I haven’t even gone onto talking about Tacos and Pizza?!?!? Both of those foods are great, much better than anything McDonalds could ever produce… yuck… I hate that place. Chick-fil-a is WAAAAAAY better, as well as Whataburger. Both of those really good restaurants, and Freddy’s, that’s also a good one. Anyways, remember to brush your teeth, and don’t waist your time! Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ~~Chapter 2~~ So, ya thought you were done reading… well… as it turns out, @TallGirll2006 (she was Born during March 2006, just to let y’all know), anyways she outdid me… to my shame. I seem to be outdone a lot, by lot’s of people. That’s why I give myself the name of, ‘Unlovable Loser’. Anyways, I am the second oldest of 7, and one is in heaven. So technically, I am the second oldest of 8! I have 1 brother, who is 10 years younger than me, and the rest are girls O_O. That’s alright though… it can be hard, but hey, I just gotta learn to deal with it XD. Also, if you choose to not retaliate, and not get offended… it works XD. So get a spine people of America, and stop fussing because you think some people hate you. You don’t need safe spaces, and you don’t need puppy dogs, you just need to toughen up and get a spine. I’m tired of all the wimps in America complaining about how they are oppressed, when they have smart phones, cars, video games, movies, and freedom to do all sorts of stuff. Come on people, talk about the people in communist countries like Cuba who will risk SO much to come to America. Story after story of people doing what they can to get here, people getting shot after standing for freedom, so many things. It’s because those people know what true oppression is, and the people of America don’t. Anyways, yeah, have a spine and learn to take an insult, and not get offended at jabbing jokes. Also, back to my family, we live on about 20 acres in the beautiful southern state of Texas, I know I already mentioned my state, but why not do it again? It’s TEXAS y’all! Florida is also cool, and my sister goes to college there. Anyways, we own 1 turtle, two bunnies, 19 chickens (18 of those are still chicks), two goats (they are currently at our pastors house, breeding with his goats, but if you are reading this any later than a month after July 21st, 2021, they are probably back home with us XD), 2 cats (ones an old tough cat named Love, who has lots of stories of bravery and adventure, and the other is a young boy named Blessing… we were told he was a girl O_O… but, the vet told us otherwise O_O XD We named him before we knew… so that’s why he has that name), and 1 dog. We are planning on getting another dog in December… that will be cool. We used to own miniature cows, and some horses… the horses were not miniature though. We also live in a mosquito infested area, with a run off creek in our back yard, a big pit, lots of trees, hogs, coyotes (the real kind, not people who hop over the border), owls, bobcats, opossums, raccoons (there is no ‘k’ in the word ‘raccoon’), squirrels, rats, mice, moles, snakes, spiders (lots of them, the big yellow ones are fun to feed grasshoppers and crickets, which we have plenty of), armadillos (I saw one today July, 22, 2021, wild turtles, skunks, bees, wasps, dirt toppers, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, fireflies (if you walk down are long driveway at night, with no lights of course, they put off an AMAZING show for ya!), lady bugs, chiggers, other mites, ticks, hornets, buzzards, hawks, falcons, neighbor cows, nibber nabbers, skinks, Blue Tailed skinks, lizards, geckos, stray dogs, and other unidentifiable creatures. You never know what lives in the abandoned 60+ acres next door O_O… I’ve found the ruins of an old trailer house… I think the previous owners died when it fell down… and their ghosts still haunt the woods (not really)… but we also have deer! And maybe some black panthers or cougars. Anyways, I don’t write on my hands… I love to sing… I used to be able to play the piano… but I can’t really anymore. I also took violin for a while… but am not very good at it… now I’m trying to teach myself guitar. I wear blue jeans almost everyday… and my eyes are mostly blue, with a bit of green ;-). I also have dark brown hair, that might go black. I like history, and seeing God’s sovereign hand over it all. I don’t have social media, but here is my phone number! Like, in parenthesis… (+1 — — ——) ;-) Feel free to call or text me anytime! Oh, and my email! How could I forget! (_______@___.___). I love playing volley ball, BASEBALL, knock out, football, and mini golf. I’ve never actually played any official sports though… like never been on a team… except for when I was about 4… our old, old, old, old church had a basketball team, and my dad was the coach, and I couldn’t even dribble O_O. Anyways, I’m generally shy… and introverted. I don’t even like going up to friends, even if I really want to spend time with them. I usually just stand around and hope that someone will talk to me… but if someone does… it’s usually a very awkward or annoying person >_<. That’s okay though, life is not always about pealing yourself, and if I can be an encouragement to some annoying person who hardly listens I will be happy. God doesn’t call us to only bless those who bless us. Though, sometimes good people do come up, and I will greet my own friends sometimes ;-)… I just usually hope for them to greet me. I can agree with TallGirl, that I often can feel alone or unloved… I can also feel meaningless and like a failure… however, I’ve noticed that that’s simply not true. Yes I fail, but I’ve actually discovered there are a lot of people who care about me more than I realize. The trick is, don’t live for yourself, but for God. You live for God by serving others, and not for your own happiness. If you do this, and thank God and choose to rejoice even if you feel unloved, you will find true joy, and I’ve even seen God bless me by showing me how much others do care. There was one time I went to bed feeling miserable, but I just kept choosing to thank God and know that He is good. The next night I had a blast with a group of people, and felt probably more accepted that I’d felt in a LONG time, if not in my entire life. God is with you if you’re saved, and though it may not feel true, it is, and is really all we need. Thank God! My favorite movies are Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Interstellar, Rogue One, The Hunt for Red October, Beyond The Mask, Captain America (the only Marvel movie I’ve actually seen), Revenge of the Sith, and… not sure what else XD. Anyways… my friends on Mecabricks are… @LegoWilderness: He’s a great guy, fellow Christian, great writer, jokester, and more. @Dragon_Rider06: She’s another Christian, very encouraging, she’s also a great writer, and kinda the one who helped me get started on here XD. I owe a lot to Dragon… @Operator011: He’s my grammar teacher, expert builder, amazing with renders, smart, Christian, and just all around cool! @SnapStudios: I first met Snap via LEGO Ideas, and he quickly found me on Mecabricks after I joined. He’s another Christian, fun guy to hang out with, very like minded politically XD, and a good builder! @MrBrick: I also met him via LEGO Ideas first, and he found me on here before Snap did XD… I think. He’s a great builder, and big Star Wars fan. I always associate him with clone troopers… @Guitarman2: Cool guy, stunning writer, master clipper, fellow Christian, and a great guitar player XD… I haven’t actually heard him though… I’m just assuming he is. @KnightofElabor: He’s the only user who truly comes from Elabor… which just so happens to be located here in Texas XD. He’s a fellow Texan, Christian, a figure of noble character, and great encouragement. So glad to have this guy around ;-). @ChuckZillaTime: This dude… he cracks me up!!!! Chuck might qualify for the most unique member of my friends, he’s just, just, just so funny, and weird, and awesome… I could go on. He’s a fellow Christian, and a great guy to have around. He brings so much life XD. @PyroKineticNinjaMaster: He clearly can be recognized by his long username, and is also someone I met via LEGO Ideas. He’s another brother in Christ, and a big encouragement. I’ve enjoyed working with this dude a lot, and am always floored by his creations. He is definitely a Master Builder. @FireBlade28: Well, that’s his current username… it changes frequently, but actually always looks the same. Anyways, he’s Pyro’s brother, and another fun dude. He can crack me up, fascinate me, beat me in chess… and lots of other things. Like his brother, he’s also a Christian ;-). @LaxSwag05: This guy is a fellow baseball fan, though he doesn’t like the ASTROS >_<… anyways, he’s a good builder, great clipper, and quite serious… most of the time XD. Like many others he also claims to be a Christian. @NINJACatz: To be honest, I don’t know where he’s gone… but hey, he’s still a friend, and he once revived me after Chuck killed me! Wait, you don’t know that story? Really? Okay, well, one day I accidentally killed Big Chungus… he ran out in front of my car… it was not purposeful on my part, please believe me! Anyways, Chuck got mad, and stabbed me with a knife… I died… and NINJACatz revived me. I owe him a lot XD, thanks Catz! He’s also a Christian. @KingOfAce This guy… well, he’s a fellow Christian, and just an all around nice dude. I honestly feel bad, because I can’t think of anything specific to say about him (I may remember something later and then facepalm myself for not writing it down)… but I do enjoy his friendship. @Blueflame: Met this guy via LEGOIdeas… I think… and he’s a fellow Featherhead! Actually, lots of my friends are FeatherHeads XD. @SlimBrick: I liked this guy a lot, and need to spend more time with him XD. He’s another Christian, and we share some similarities. @TallGirl2006: Yes, I have to mention her right? I am competing with her for the longest profile. She of course will lose, and knows it, but hey, I appreciate her effort. Never give up for what you believe is right, even if you know you won’t win. Unless someone proves to you that what you believe is wrong. Anyways, she’s also a Christian, and the sister of Slim. I find it funny that one is called ‘Slim’, and the other ‘Tall’ XD. Anyways, she’s fun to talk to, and like her brother we have a lot of similarities… we also have some differences XD. @RickardCinema: (I probably spelled his name wrong O_O). He’s an amazing animator, fellow Christian, patriot, and cool guy. @JCreations: He no longer goes by that name, but something about a monkey… anyways, he’s a stunning builder, and another fellow Christian XD! @GoldInk I just met him, but he asked to be friends, so we are ;-). @DrPepper Fellow Christian, cool guy, I still don’t know him that well, but I’m enjoying his company. @Lego_Lover Is also another Christian, and I appreciate his character. Anyways, I’ve probably missed some facts and folks, but oh well. If I remember I will plug em in! However, I have to go get some work done, so I’ll be back later! Okay, I’m back. I feel beat, and I just need some sleep… working in the Texas heat can wipe You OUT! Anyways, let’s talk about books. I know I already mentioned some, but I remembered another series! The Seventh World Trilogy is really good, you should totally read it. Also, I actually am so tired I don’t know what else to say XD. Anyways, go to sermon audio and find Paul Washer’s 2 part series called ‘The Love of God’. It’s AMAZING! Truly, as a Christian I am so grateful for God’s love. I am a sinner, wretched, and detestable. I know that’s strong language, but unless I know how dark my own heart is I can’t fully appreciate God’s love for me, and I actually never will till I see Him in person, and fully know how GREAT of a God He is! He, being perfect and just, died for my sins. Why? Was it because I was so lovable He couldn’t resist me? No! There is nothing in me that is either good or desirable by His true standards, yet because He is love, and He wanted to glorify Himself through my redemption, He chose to love me fully. He is almighty, and deserves all the glory, and so this was just and right to do. Yet I am still baffled… He could have chosen some other way to bring Himself just as much glory, yet He chose to create humanity, and then died for the sins of His people to redeem them! That was how He chose to do it, and I am eternally grateful. (This next topic might anger you, but oh well, this is my profile, and you’re reading about my life… so if you don’t agree… go write your own profile XD). Anyways, one of my sisters does a funny Joe Biden impression… well, most of my family does, but her’s are the best. It will be something like this, *in a raspy kinda aloof voice* “Uh, hello, welcome and… uh, my name is senator Joe Biden, and uh… Merry Christmas… uh, this next easter I will be tearing down, the uh, wall that the last president… uh… what’s his name… uh, uh president Trumpet was building.” XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!! “Com’on Man,” XD, I know I probably just got some people mad, but oh well… yeah, I don’t like Biden, and I don’t want someone with dementia in the White House. Again, if you don’t like this… well… you can stop reading, or just ignore it, or get mad, or whatever. This profile is a short description of my life, and part of my life is well… political… and you may not agree ;-). Anyways… My favorite songs are Sometimes By Step, The Dark Before the Dawn, Remember Me, His Heart Beats, Every Start is a Burning Flame, Come Back Soon, Elijah, Carry The Fire, If I Stand, Liar, Rain Clouds, Roots, Rejoice, Hold Me Jesus, Fireflies, Burn the Ships, Letters from the Atlantic, I’ve Seen Too Much, Country Roads, Be Thou My Vision, Hallelujah What a Savior, Man of Sorrows, Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded, Jesus Lover of My Soul, Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted, How Great Thou Art, Though You Slay Me, Pet Peeves (not really), There is a Fountain, How Deep the Father’s Love for Us, Rocket, Always Good, (Well Done, Good and Faithful), Day By Day, The Ballad of Donnie Gene, The Chasing Song, Dancing in the Minefields, Don’t Give Up on Me, and many, Many, MANY more! I don’t like spaghetti (unless it’s my mom’s chicken spaghetti), lasagna, or mustard. I don’t really care for hot dogs, I love Blue Bell ice cream, and I think that Pie is better than cake. I read my Bible more than anything else… and I once sorta accidentally memorized the book of 1 John. I’m also not a King James onliest… like… not at all XD. I like listening to Eric Ludy, and James White… oh, and Kevin Swanson. I also don’t care a flip about COVID19… just saying… I don’t wear masks (when I can avoid it, which is 97% of the time), and I just ain’t scared. Literally, people are trying to get us to shut things down, which causes the economy to plummet, and to stay away from people, so that we can’t build up our immune systems. Pretty much all of the logical reasoning for staying healthy has been throw out the window over the past year and a half because of this virus… because there are political reasons behind it all. Fauci is a proven liar, vaccine companies are in for the money, and corrupt people in the government just want more control. Also, a LOT more people die in America from obesity than form COVID; really, that’s a true fact. However, we aren’t allowed to say that, because it’s racist against fat people! Wait… what? I mean, that doesn’t even make sense XD. You can choose to be fat or not, though for some it may be harder… but still… you can take care of your body. So when all these dummies come out and say you can’t say they aren’t attractive because they are overweight, or that you have skinny privilege, I’m like… seriously… I’m not the one in charge of your body. Dream all you want, but it doesn’t mean it’s true. I just want people to use logic XD… and stop all the stupid nonsense. You can be fat if you want, and that’s okay, but don’t tell me what I have to think about you (not that I hate fat people, because I don’t, I’m just not impressed when people chose to not take care of their body). I’m actually very skinny myself… I’m like 5’11 or 5’12… and weigh probably only 120 lbs… maybe less… last time I checked it was 109 lbs, but that was a while back. Anyways… whatever XD. I have a gun, it’s a Rough Rider 22 revolver. I have both a magnum cylinder, and a long rifle cylinder. I like the magnum better, more power for ya ;-). One of my siblings once through some lemonade on me… I think it was lemonade… it was after I pretended to be the Rage Monster and started smashing an old broken computer… it was broken because my older sister once brought it into the car, and water spilled on it O_O. My family owns a rental house in Ohio… and we go up there sometimes. I like Texas a LOT better though :-). I also love the beach, and go on a lot of campouts. My favorite are canoes trips… those are GREAT! Also, our old, old house used to have a pond… but some people from our church came and filled it in. Then we all placed sod down… well… there was a big mud puddle in the middle… and everyone was pretending to complain… but as soon as I started pretending to complain they started telling me that I was sinning and would be thrown in the mud puddle if I didn’t stop. After it was all over… well… two of them grabbed me, swung me back and fourth… and let me fly! That shirt was permanently stained. Anyways… that’s it for now… so… see ya later! OOOooo__oooOOO ~~Chapter 3~~ I’m not stopping yet! Anyways, I have 4 ASTROS baseball caps. A dark blue one with a star and orange seams, a white one that has a small star and says HOUSTON ASTROS I black letters, a plastic brick built one, and their 2017 World Series Champions hat. I also have there pairs of ASTORS sox, 4 ASTROS shirts, an ASTROS hoodie, an ASTROS pillow, blanket, collectible ball, headphones, lots of ASTROS baseball cards, a magazine, and probably more XD. I like the ASTROS! My favorite player is Jose Altuve. He’s 5’5, and extremely talented. Lots of people across MLB have cheated in some way, shape, or form. The ASTROS sadly did… and people blame Altuve for a LOT of it… however, that’s because they just believe everything the see posted on social media about him. If they would actually do the research, they’ed discover it’s been proven that he DIDN’T cheat. He IS the 2017 MVP, and has great character out on the field. He’s extremely humble, and thanks God for practically everything. He also loves his family, which is good to see. He’s just the kinda guy who will make you smile. I didn’t like any sports until I hear about Altuve: True Fact. Also, you won’t believe this, but my pelvis is shifted >_<… or at least, it is at this point in time. It hurts… but is usually bearable. Hopefully I will get that fixed sooner or later… preferably sooner. Anyways, if I had to lose a body parts, I’d lose my left eye. Not that I want to lose my eye, but I think it would be the coolest thing to lose XD. I could still use my right eye to aim when shooting, and an eyepatch kinda looks cool. I’d want to lose it in a cool way though, not something like my siblings were running around the house with knitting needles and accidentally ran into me O_O. That would be kinda sad… I’d prefer to find some thug causing harm or destruction, and confront him, losing my eye in the process… idda know XD… it’s just a thought. Does anyone here who reads this think that Watermelon is bad? If so, I must quote John MacArthur… “Come on man, use your facilities.” XD. That was him, giving a humorous illustration in his amazing sermon series titled ‘The Doctrines of Grace’. Totally worth listening to if you want, or don’t want ;-). I need to finished writing the last chapter of my story cyberSPACE… actually… I need to start writing it XD. I haven’t yet… but by the time this is posted it will probably already be released :-P. Chow! I’m back, with a new looked! Not really… I’m just back… and speaking of back… my back hurts >_<. Anyways, have you noticed how I like saying ‘anyways’? Anyways, XD, I don’t know how many ceiling fans are in my house… nor chairs… but I do know we have 2 AC units! Does anyone on here think that I might be allergic to codfish? I’ve never tried any… so I don’t know O_O. Long Live The Nerd Herd! Wait— NO! That can’t be true, that’s impossible! So… as it turns out… the name Nerd Herd isn’t original O_o… If you don’t know what I’m talking about… I went to a computer science camp in 2020… and we called ourselves the Nerd Herd for fun. I looked it up, just because, and there is actually a company called Nerd Herd XD… or something like that O_o. Anyways, they are a bunch of fakes… LONG LIVE THE NERD HERD!!! I like Charlie Kirk… and Ben Shapiro… and Michal Knowles. Does anyone here know how to destroy a like button? I don’t like mustered! I know I already said that but… why not say it again XD. I wish you could place emojis in profiles O_O. Long live the banana slug! Long live our pet turtle that might not have a name! Long live Queen Anne! Long live Oskar N. Reteep! Long live the kangaroo that lives closets to Dragon_Rider06’s house! Or whatever kind of dwelling she lives in O_o… you never can be certain with her after all. Long live the firstborn of whoever was the last person to see Michael Landon eating a cheeseburger! Long live the ostrich that lives farthest away from Guitarman2’s best friend’s house! Long live John D. Rockefeller! Oh wait… to late… never mind… Long live Micheal J. Lindell! Long live the last bug to find my socks cozy! Long live the Thanksgiving turk— NO!!!! No no no no no!!!! I didn’t mean that… DIE TURKY!!!!! I MUST HAVE YOU!!!!!!! XD. Anyways, anyone hear up for a game of chess? Ah, I don’t have time right now… Actually, I might. Anyways… I wear a TIMEX Ironman watch on my left wrist… I’ve had it for over two years now… it’s just the simple black and gray one. My cousins are missionaries in Africa. My uncle was a former Apache helicopter pilot, but now flies helicopters for the mission field. Really cool! My computer is a MacBook Air, my phones is an iPone 8 Plus, and my Kindle is a Kindle Fire. Our turtle now has a name O_O… according to my dad… Toad Muncher XD. Okay, so, my sisters (ever since they heard that TallGirl2006 didn’t care if toads peed on her), have been catching toads and placing them in our turtle tank. Well, as I had said might happen, they witnessed him devour one of the creatures. So no, he is called toad muncher. XD XD XD!!!!! TACOS! My hair is currently a mess! I like Stopmotion, and have fiddle around with it. I’ve never really made anything good… in fact… I’ve NEVER made anything good XD, but hope to someday. I have a drivers license… but find parking hard O_o… I think if they had actually made me park during my test, I would have failed XD! However, I can parallel park XD. My favorite car company is Toyota… and my favorite vehicle of all time is the Toyota Tacoma. I’m also upset that Toyota is changing the engine in the Tundra to a V6… COME ON GUYS!!!! What’s the deal?!?!? I LOVE V8 engines!!! I’m super disappointed in them… I had high hopes for the next generation of Tundras. Anyways, I also like Raptors, Challengers, Supras, Lamborghinis, Porches, McLarens, GTRs, etc etc… I hate the Nissan murano… (lowercase ‘m’) it’s literally one of the WORST vehicles EVER!!!!!! Such a stupid car… Oh! I also love 4Runners, and Jeeps. I actually like the Jeep Gladiator, even though most people I know hate it XD! Ford makes good trucks, unlike Chevy… and Honda doesn’t even make a truck… they make half a minivan with a bed on the back. I hate the ridgeline… (lowercase ‘r’)… I also hate subaru… (lowercase ’s’)… Okay, I take back what I said about Chevy making bad trucks… they (can) make okay trucks… I’ve seen some pretty sweet looking Colorados… but most of the time… Ford is WAY better. I like working in the sound booth at our Church… and I have more baseball caps than I can remember :joy:. My favorites are the ASTROS ones, a tree camo Emerson one, and blue Stress Engineering hat with an American flag across the tip of the brim, and my dark gray Blue Lives Matter cap. Those are all great… I wear the ASTROS and Blue Lives Matter ones the most… I don’t know what to think about my own profile… some people may get mad at me, some laugh, some have mixed emotions, some be encouraged, some annoyed, some may not read the entire thing, and some be indifferent. XD. I like building cool builds, the kind you see get featured… but most of the time I’m writing stories. XD. I don’t have a memory stick in my brain, and I think I need to go wash my coffee cup out… I left it sitting on my desk overnight O_o… ~~Chapter 4~~ Yes, I’m writing a 4th chapter. Do you know what, I hate rap? What… was that written properly? I don’t think so XD. Anyways, I don’t like rap… most of the time. Also, the new 2022 Toyota Tundra is AWESOME!!!! Plus, the Houston ASTROS just finished pounding the Chicago White Sox, and are now headed on to the ALCS for their 5th year in a row! How about that for some good baseball ;-). Also, my apologies… I don’t think I spell checked my last chapter, so… if you found anything misspelled (or terrible), sorry… I have a burn on my right pointer finger… don’t ask how O_O Oh, how did I get the burn? Well, I was buring boxes… and some had a bit of tape them it… and some of it melted and dripped on my finger. Banana Slugs! The Courageous soundtrack is amazing! I need to work on my latest story… Void Flame. Nodnard Og S’tel I’m not really into NASCAR, but I think I could be. I also don’t like um… thorns? I don’t think anybody likes thorns. Actually, ti could all depend on the situation, and I meant to say “it”, not “ti”. Oh, it should also be noted that, now that the new 2022 Toyota Tundra has come out, I think it is AWESOME!!!! (I know I already said that, but who cares!) Okay, yeah, I still would have chosen a V8, but the twin turbo charged V6 is still a cool engine, and produces more power than the old V8 did… MO POWER BABY!!!!! XD. I still will miss the roar of that V8 though. Wait, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to ride in a 2022 Toyota Tundra XD. All the same though… see ya V8… Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye… Actually, I don’t think that’s the most respectful way to dismiss my beloved V8 engine O_O. I can say that to the Chicago White Sox though! Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye! I hope to be able to sing that to the Red Sox next, and then whoever makes it to the World Series… hopefully the Atlanta Braves… sorry GMan2 ;-). I hate the Giants, and Dodgers… so I hope Atlanta POUNDS them. In the end though, congrats to whoever wins… and I hope that’s the Astros! I gotta go do college work now, so… see y’all later!!! Well I’m back… and as an update the ASTROS ARE in the World Series! 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