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Ok, so you likely don’t know me in real life. And if you can tell me who I am, well, you won’t get anything because I don’t know how I could give it to you. Anyways just be satisfied with this short description. I’m Greenflame24. I am first a Christian, that before anything else, and then a __ year old TFOL by most places, but AFOL to the state of Texas. Ok, do some research and you might find out my age. I’m Also an ASTROS fan, yes you heard me right. “Did you hear about the sign stealing scandal?” Yes I did. “Do you believe it is true?” Yes I do. “Than why are you an ASTROS fan!” Well for starters… I was an ASTROS fan before they ever cheated. Two, I did a study on them, and others have as well. Before I go and bash someone I think it’s important that I put myself in their situation, be familiar with what happened, know who they are, and listen to those who aren’t going to be biased. As I said, I’m a Christian, and God has called me to forgive. So even in the players on my favorite baseball team do me wrong, I still will forgive them. They have asked for it, because they wan’t to move forward. I wan’t them to move forward, and so I forgive knowing that it will help them do so. Also, everybody makes mistakes. I have seen good character in these guys, so just because they made a mistake does not mean I can completely bash their character. Though MLB is going to be biased and most likely not investigate… the ASTROS are only one of many teams who cheated. Think about it. It is no secret that MLB has been biased against the Stros, and so this was their chance to hopefully knock em out of the picture. Another thing, no matter what people say, I am a huge Altuve fan. People claim he had a buzzer under his jersey, and I can understand why they would think that, but MLB didn’t find any evidence for it. If you can’t believe that then don’t believe the rest of the report. Believe me, Altuve is a great guy, and was too humble to admit that he didn’t cheat with the rest of the team. I think thats enough to give the guy some respect… not to mention the countless videos he has shown outstanding humility. Also, I am a Hinch fan. Hinch is also a great guy, and, though he made some mistakes himself, he is open and willing to learn. I hope and pray God will direct him to a good place. If thats back with the Astros, which you be a dream come true, or just coaching another team, I hope the best for him. Ok, now that that is over… I also like to build with LEGOs… yeah… obvious… I also like to read, though I don’t do it that often… hey… anybody on here from Story Embers? If you are send me a message! Oh, and I also plan to be a computer programer… and I have six siblings… and I’m homeschooled… and I like to sing… and I am learning to play the violin, and guitar, and I used to play the piano… sniff… sad fate… and I also have a degree in professional kazoo playing… joke. Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading! God bless.