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Hello and welcome to MecaBricks, I'm Gold127. My sigfig are the all colors figurines, the weapons,... I love this parts LEGO, the movie of Ninjago, Jurassic Park, Among Us, Star Wars, Classic, Minecraft, Harry Potter and Avengers. I'm French and I can to speak, my best friends are @TallGirl2006, @OffTheRoadGuy, @The_An0nym, @LM707, @Fireblade28, @Zhicheng and @Greenflame. But I look to comments with me @Lax, @Greenflame, @OffTheRoadGuy, @The_An0nym, @Leo, @Cole08, @WizardBuilds, @LM707, @legomaster6383, @NinjaDude2011, @staticking, @Sebachie, @AABuilds, @Zhicheng, @KingofAce, @BlueFlame56,, @TallGirl2006 and @Cole08. If you don't understands to speak, can use translation. I see the comments on my model, they say me "Nice or awesome" then I'll take always "Thanks ! :)", I say the comments on his model "That is cool like AWESOME MODEL ! :) ;)". If you want be friends with me ? Can I describe that its your usernames. Here is the views and like from the nexts with my models, which matches the same views and likes. -G127