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So... you wish to know more about FB huh? well, lets start out with the basics. FIRST and FOREMOST I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Also in addition to that I REALLY enjoy Bullet Chess, and irl chess... I'm moderately great at sketching swords,(and sketching in general) *day dreams* hopefully one day I shall buy my own blade. . . but until then I shall settle for the look of graphite on dead wood. while we are still in the category of Sketching I have decided to do a secret project, it shall be revealed in due time... Anyway, I recently joined The Blue Knights Track Team. Which if any of you guys know a smigen of knowledge about track it means that you run. A lot. but hey! it's enjoyable, as of late I've had my first Middle School Track Meet, and o_o boy- some of these people there should be in collage. (maybe they didn't get the memo that it's a MIDDLE SCHOOL MEET, ie NO HIGH SCHOOLERS. One dude had a BEARD, imao that's not normal for a 13 year old to have... Anyway, I was Not put into hurtles, (thankfully) mostly because I already had 4 events. the 4x400 the 4x800 the 400 meter dash and the high jump. it was very strange... I expected high jump to be my best (because, ya know... no running...) turns out I could never get over the bar- yeah my back still hurts. but the 4x800 (its a relay race) that one I did, but at the end I had a migraine and... thats not good. also I could barely move my legs. One of the people in my group told me that we got third over all, hopefully that's true. I didn't see it happen... but the 400. o_o if y'all don't know. look it up. It. Is. Almost. The. Worst. Event. In. Track. Only outdone by the 800. The 400 is when you sprint ALL AROUND THE TRACK no rests no running, J u S t S p R i N T i N g. and on this one there were people 6.4 ft. that ain't normal. so we started out on our starting lines, the gun blasted, and I was told that the distance between me and the people behind me just keep growing, there were 3 people in front of me, I keep sprinting, I was nearing the end, they were still a good 100 meters ahead, then I went out full tilt, the ground let go from under me- I had cought up to the 3d person he had started slowing down- (believe me this was hard) then he started picking up the pace- I keep running he passed me I passed him THEN. I crossed having come third. The coach told me that I shaved off a HUGE 7 seconds. o_o that's insane. normally it's only like 1 or half a second. I still need to find out how long my actual time was, but until then... I'm 7 seconds faster. Moving onward, I can say that I am a Home Schooler, I have been a Home Schooler my entire life. ~time for the acknowledgements XD~ I am more then happy to be the brother of PyrokineticNinjaMaster (long name I know, he's gotten away with it so far) and I am proud to be the friend of Greenflame24 amazing builder, writer, fellow Christian, and an amazing dude to hang with. He has an insane sense of hummer! a few more of my meca-buddies: Dragon_Rider06 again, amazing person, she too is a Christian, an amazing Writer, builder of lightsabers (nearly wrote lightsavers XD) and a fun friend to have, Operationsmanuel011 (yeah we're starting nicknames *insert smirk*) he's a really fun dude, increditable at renders builds, custom figs, builds, all the jazz. KingOfElabor (sounds great don't it ;-)) anyway he's a great dude, a fun builder, a fellow Knight, Christain, Marvel fan, and he does do some dope builds. KnightOfAce (imo sounds cool) he is a Christain, a fellow Featherhead, and does some insane builds and renders (the one I have rn he made for me :D) Wirlaazerd1buidl aka Wizardbuilds1, Funny dude, a MK Christian, a WIERD president but a president none the less... o_O and well, he convinced me unknowingly to him to watch the MATRIX I loved it. anyway, he makes some fun skits with his builds Lax_swag5 was an epic friend, (Christian) and was probably one of the first people I meet on MB that welcomed me. May he rest in peace :/, SenorBrick, A cool dude I meet through the [CLASSIFIED] forum. again a fellow Christian, he makes some amazing models when he gets his mind over too it. HAMMERBORN, man wouldn't it be epic to have a name like that! dude you are sick and totally one of the most respected people on MB (he is also a Christian) he was the one who made this DOPE PFP 'O' Jcfrk, imao sounds like just kidding fork XD, anyway this dude can run through quite a lot of mikes... but anyway he's cool, he also is a Christian, I can't wait to get to know him better! Ninjadude, he's cool too, not much known about this elusive person... ;) Justyouraveragebuilder/dictator, again a fun dude, just watch out, he'll either stab you, throw you out a window, OR, send to to one of his armies. Ncatz, a fun Christian dude that I meet EARLY on in my life here on MB he suddenly dissapeared then reappeared earlier this year o_O anyway he's back from the dead, lived an eventful life for a bit then settled into the retirement home. He's always fun to hang with. WaffleCone, even though he is dead, (well in the death center) he still posts epic models from time to time. he used to be called SlimBrick, but- that all changed when he reached 10 k TallGirl2006, even though she is dead.... *checks room* or is she? I recently found that she had updated her bio and if that wasn't enough! she challenged Greenie with the longest profile. Anyway she's the older sister of Waffle. And finnally a new dude I meet recently WhySoSerio- AVAST he hath declared that he is in fact NCATZ!! OoO anyway, refer to my previous statement on NCatz Leatho, Loafo Leach yo, what ever XD he's an epic dude to hang with, makes some insane builds, (is much better at building trees XD) and quite the joy to build and talk with. ;) Annnnd that's about all I can think up right now. . . anyway thank you for checking out my small open space on the wall of Mecabricks, (corner's are way too expensive. O_O) A special thanks to HAMMERBORN for my awesome pfp And lastly, BEWARE THE TOOTHY COWS!! ~ Chapter 2. I have a new track meet on tuesday I will be running the 100 meter sprint, the 4x400 meter dash the high jump and the 400 meter dash o_o so yeah, wish me luck I'll need it. ~ Chapter 3. turns out I came 3d with a time of 64 seconds o_o Chapter 4. I had another meet recently, I barely came 3d with a lead of 50 milliseconds. O_O my time was 63.33 Chapter 4. Well fellows, it has been a while since I updated this... lets see... what has happened- not that much to be honest. Summer is nearly upon us, and I haven't spent a summer in America so O-O kinda dreading it. my 100th model I've been working on and, (honestly it looks pretty sick) there shouldn't be too much longer before the invites to join are sent out. my story goes in spurts sometimes a lot gets done (other days I just stare at the computer pondering the existence of swords XD) and that's about it for today, I will be gone from June 20 - 24th so make sure the others don't nuke the place! ~ FB To all my fellow Christians reading this, James 1:2-4 Count it all joy my brothers when you fight trials of various kinds. ;)