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I have been forged through fire, pain and hardship. I was hammered and warped. Through all I was sharpened. Even through the hardship, even through the pain. I have emerged from the flames pure, all my cracks were mended, my strength renewed. Beware for I have over come the world. FIRST and FOREMOST I am a follower of Jesus Christ also I enjoy Chess, sketching, swords, hopefully one day I shall buy my own blade. I am more then happy to be the brother of PyrokineticNinjaMaster (long name I know, he's gotten away with it so far) and I am proud to be the friend of Greenflame24 plus a few more of my meca-buddies: D_R06, Operationsmanuel011, KingOfElabor, KnightOfAce, spinning Wizby, LaXswagthe5thwithhisownstudio, MrBrick, HAMMERBORN, and Ninjadude, that's about all I can think up right now. . . anyway thank you for checking out my small open space on the wall of Mecabricks, (corner's are way too expensive.) lastly, BEWARE THE TOOTHY COWS