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Hello there (Insert Name Here) and welcome to my profile. You can go check out my collection of currently thirty-two models. (You don't have check them all out, just look and see what looks interesting.) My current interests include Star Wars, Harry Potter, Ninjago, Minecraft, Dig Dug to be honest because it is very fun, and Super Mario to list a few. I watch videos of Fortnite sometimes, (please, don't hate me, I don't mean you shouldn't be hating it but I like it in a way,) mainly because of it's storyline, and I do think it should be congratulated in having both marvel and dc cosmetics, though not physically interacting from what we know of. My favorite series are the clone wars, rebels, mandalorian, the book of boba fett, and avatar just recently, and more I will put in later. I am friends with HungryPlant. So I guess that would be it I guess. I will have a tendency of putting in emojis sometimes. But I don't think that should be something I should triumph about. I am very honest, a perfectionist, which means I can take a long time on something, which people can sometimes in real life will get mad at me for that just so then get work done quicker, and also I like drawing. I am also autistic, I can speak english pretty well in my case, but I do have a short temper sometimes, and I usually don't enjoy it when I'm in that mood. I do like the Saints. (The minor league baseball team, not that football team from Louisiana.) I also have an obsession with caimans... for some weird reason? Still... Anyway... just enjoy my plethora of models, or lackluster. Have a good day. . . and Enjoy!