Member since 20 September 2016
I'm just a loser who uses this site to render custom Minifigures and sometimes a MOC but that's about it, I barely ever make any public posts, sometimes I'm afraid to share my stuff since I'm kind of a wuss. Just like (what seems like) most people on here, I'm Christian but my interpretation of the faith is a bit different than some so I try to stay out of controversies. I only have one friend who I talk to more than once in a blue moon and I don't date anyone since I'm a celibate, that and I don't have the confidence to enter a relationship and I feel like I'd add little value to someone's life. My communication can suck sometimes and I tend to overuse some phrases and figures of speech since I have Autism Spectrum Disorder, I might also have depression and/or an anxiety disorder. I'm vegan more or less but I don't get enough nutrients since my parents don't buy me the right foods so I've been trying to move away from it, I'm very underweight and my custom shirtless print for my sig-fig reflects that with the waistline that they use for most woman Minifigs. I love most properties that have LEGO themes, I can't decide on my favorite movie but the overwhelming majority that the LEGO games adapt are cool. Aside from the LEGO video games, I love shooters as well as action/adventure games like Uncharted and the Arkham series, I'll also dabble in Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto V. I haven't seen that many TV shows aside from Stranger Things and the MCU shows but I'd say the former is probably my favorite, for a weeb I've barely seen any anime (just the first two episodes of JoJo's and Attack on Titan, along with every Star Wars: Visions episode). My guilty pleasures include the Gacha games (although GachaTube is blah for the most part), Hololive, the Venom movies, and my absolute disasters of LittleBigPlanet and Garry's Mod creations.