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ohhhhhhhhkay so about me well …… I’m a Irish citizen who loves Lego, EMINEM, Gaelic football and hurling, AFL and football (or as Americans call it soccer) Idols are: harry kane, George Lucas, MandRproductions, obviously EMINEM and more Mecabricks friends: the late lax_swag5 (rip), KingofAce, Cold_fire, MandalorianBrick and Leatho!!! I am a member of the W.E.I.R.D. club, New order of mecabricks and GONK appreciation society! My favourite artists are EMINEM, dr Dre, snoop dogg, Michael Jackson and 21 pilots Am a Tottenham Hotspur supporter. Old name was BOBAFETT66 but changed it so…ya Ideas account name baby chewie Best Star Wars movie III in my opinion and favourite character is boba fett Favourite clone is probably bacara or echo Favourite x men character wolverine obviously Deadpool 2 better than 1 Do custom Minifigs and make metal Lego mandalorian helmets (in real life)