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Ah, yes. So you wish to know of DuckDuckGuz, A.K.A. "The Duck", A.K.A. "Ducky", A.K.A. "Mike". (Okay, maybe not that last one...) Anyway, my real name is [REDACTED], and I come from [REDACTED], [REDACTED]. My passions include soccer and basketball, LEGO (of course), Marvel, Star Wars, and everything Medieval. I am an aspiring movie writer, having written many movies and animated them with my LEGO figs and bricks in real life. I do not, as of right now, have any current projects that I am working on. Avengers: Till Death Do Us Part has had slow but steady progress nonetheless. As you can tell from my username and my pfp, I LOVE ducks. They're the greatest animals on the planet. If you don't agree, then you're a poopy head. (jk, jk) Okay, so as for my Meca-Buddies... | justy - He's a talented comedian as he is a writer. There is nothing you can't throw at him that he won't find a way to make funny. His builds and his ideas are always fresh, new and awesome, and he's a great friend. |Cold_Fire - Awesome story-teller. His stories are always innovative, always finding new ways to depict commonly known characters. His "Moon Knight: Death of Spector" story is awesome. | The_An0nym - to say that someone has he talent of Anon is probably the highest compliment possible to be said here on MB. He is the greatest animator and builder and thinker and writer on this here site. | Wiz - always a great and charitable person. He's very creative, and an avid movie fan. You got a question about completely underrated movies? Go ask him. His builds and his custom figs are always top-notch, as well as his humor. | Sebachie - yet another talented builder here on the site. His story about the MBU is revolutionary in ways that no one on this site has ever seen before. He can create masterful figs as well, his Captain America "Nomad" fig was one of his best works of fig-art (that's what it's called now). | leatho - a kind guy who's wise beyond his years. His kind and compassionate advice has helped us all get through the trolls and spammers of MB. He is funny as well, even if at times I don't exactly get his jokes. | Kirb - this guy has a bottle ( a BIG one) full of different awesome ideas. No one else to my knowledge has created a fully-fledged superhero universe with LEGO. He's as talented as he is creative, and it is a pleasure to know him. | Custom_Parts - the only one to rival Lax_Swag5 in clone making. His custom clones are AWESOME. If you haven't seen them, go check them out NOW in this very moment. No one, NO ONE can beat him. | Lax - one of the first to fall. :( He was incredibly generous and welcoming, and he was my first view, like, and comment. He was a great friend to everyone on this site, and he will be forever missed. ☹️ | T.O.S.H. - finally, a fellow soccer lover! (Even if it's Premier...) He's a great and friendly user, and he's pretty darn funny! And now, for the quote of the 'however long it is until I wish to change it': “I mean, my mom is weird, and collects seashells. Your dad levels cities and attacks innocent people. So, they've all got their quirks, you know.” – Jay, in the LEGO NINJAGO Movie.