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I started playing with legos when I was 4. I created my account on May 14, 2018. One month before that, I went to see my favorite Amtrak Heritage Engine, number 822 at the nearby train station. That is why I have worked on building an Amtrak 822 Heritage engine. I also have been building train engines at my house with my collection. When I make a new train creation, I will make it my profile picture. recent builds: Unknown: 2-6-0 Steam Engine 10/7/17: Santa Fe Warbonnet (Bulldog nose) 3/5/18: BNSF Heritage Warbonnet 3/14/18: Amtrak F40PH 5/19/18: Union Pacific 6/14/18: Amtrak P42 GE Genesis Think you may know me? I also go by the names of MetroManager17 on Minecraft, Amtrak Fan on