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The MecaFace add-on allows you to easily add a Lego styled two dimensional face rig to any selected object in your Blender scene for your renders and animations.

This package includes the add-on and a user manual to learn how to install and use the addon and rig.

Cool Features
• Easily add eyelashes and lips.
• Easily add extra lines.
• Change each component's colour with a nice side panel.
• Make any mouth shape you want, it's completely flexible.
• Click a single button to add a face to the selected object.
• Easy to use controllers to change the shape of the mouth, eyes and eyebrows.
• Button to apply settings, so that you can add as many faces you want in a scene.
• Pose Library with many facial expression presets, which includes every lip sync pose needed and many of the iconic faces seen in the Lego movies.
• Realistic materials.
• Change the thickness of the outline of the mouth with a single slider.
• Easily add thickness to the face.
• Works with Cycles, but may work with EEVEE, but is not meant for it yet.

Need Help
- Send me an email at
- Go to the dedicated topic on the forum

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Change Log

revision 1.0.4 [27 April 2020]
- Now works with MecaFig.

revision 1.0.3 [31 March 2020]
- Fixed bug which was making the eyebrow colour section in the panel not showing again.
- Fixed bug which made the eyebrows move slower, and not all the way.
- Added more poses to the pose library, many iconic poses from the Lego movies are there.
- Added better materials, more realistic. For Cycles only.

revision 1.0.2 [31 Jan 2020]
- Fixed bug which was hiding some of the bones.
- Added a setting to turn on or off the solidify(the default is off now)
- Added lines
- Added ability to set the lines to only be seen on a set number of frames.

revision 1.0.1 [23 Jan 2020]
- Fixed bug which was making the eyebrow colour section in the panel not showing.

revision 1.0.0 [22 Jan 2020]
- First release.
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