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The actual version of MecaFig is 2019.1.1. Please, be sure to read the description, the "relase notes" and the "release log" below before buying or updating your version. If you have any question, feel free to ask on the dedicated topic. Thanks.

The MecaFig add-on allows you to import in your Blender scene a full-rigged and shaded LEGO® MiniFigurine for your renders and animations.

Each part of the figurine is fully modeled and as faithful as possible to the original.

The MecaFig Rig allows you to pose your figurine and animate it thanks to its 3D widgets and its dedicated user interface.
It offers you the choice between two modes: the RIGID mode that reproduces the actual movements of the MiniFigurine, and the SOFT mode that allows you to distort it in a non-realistic way. And this, for each part.
The rig also allows you to choose between two methods of moving bones: the FK mode (Forward Kinematics) that allows you to position each bone independently, and the IK mode (Inverse Kinematics) that allows you to position a whole bone chain thanks to an IK controller. You can even easily switch between these two modes thanks to the automatic snapping function.

The MecaFig Shader allows you to give to your figurine a realistic aspect.
It allows you to add a material to it, thanks to the Mecabricks Color Palette embded with the add-on, or to create your own. You can even add decoration and metalness maps from Mecabricks or, if you prefer, add your own.
The shader also allows you to add some wear to the figurine. Among the possibilities available, you can tamper the basic color, add grunge, scratches, dirt and fingerprints.
Note: the MecaFig Shader works both with Cycles and EEVEE. However, it is highly recommended to have a recent CG card for those who would like to use the shader with EEVEE.

And, obviously, all the future updates will be free.

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If you change your mind about your purchase and you have not downloaded our product, we will happily issue you a refund upon your request.

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Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Superman & Benny MiniFigurines from Mecabricks
'3626d824' & 3814d1075' decoration maps from Mecabricks
'3814d787b1' color & data maps from Helo
Worn Painted Cement PBR Material from Free PBR
Teufelsberg Lookout HDRI Map from HDRI Haven

### Release notes ###

revision 2019.1.2 [20 Jan 2020]
- New .mbx format (v2.0.0) is now supported. However, all files exported with the new version of the Workshop in .dae (Collada) format are no longer supported.
Old Mecabricks files exported with the previous version of the Workshop are still supported (.mbx & .dae).

revision 2019.1.1 [19 Dec 2019]
- Due to important changes in this release, the compatibility with the first version is broken. It means that if you open a .blend file with the first version of the MecaFig inside, all the functions for the Armature and the Shader will not be available.
It is planned to make the different versions compatible. However, it will not happen before, at least, the 2.82 version of Blender and the new "Static Override" feature.
- I noticed two issues with the add-on in Blender 2.81.
The first is related to a bug and affects the Noise textures of the Shader which are displayed with artefacts. It is particularly visible when using the "Chrome, Metal & Speckle" materials. Note that this bug only happens in EEVEE. The Shader works fine in Cycles.
The second also concerns EEVEE and is more annoying. I noticed a significant drop in the frame rate in EEVEE on my computer. For people with recent CG card, it could not be perceptible but, for the others, like me, it could really be a problem.
For these two reasons, I would recommand you to use the add-on with the 2.80 version of Blender.
- Sorry for these inconvenients.

revision 2019.0.1 [19 Sep 2019]
- first release.

### Release log ###

revision 2019.1.2 [20 Jan 2020]
- updated the importer to read .mbx format (v2.0.0).
(.dae (Collada) export with the new version of the Workshop is no longer supported)
- added "3815uv4", "3816uv5" & "3817uv5" UV Maps.
- updated "Mecabricks Color Palette".
- code improvements.

revision 2019.1.1 [19 Dec 2019]
- added "Add From File" function allowing to add a MecaFig with the colors & maps for each MiniFig(s) from one (or multiple) file(s) (both .dae & .mbx formats are supported, extra parts are ignored).
- reworked "Geometry" Panel.
- added "Mesh" selection for "Legs", "Body" & "Head".
- fixed issue with Subsurf.
- added bones for the fingers of the "Hands".
- added "SP_Hand.L" & "SP_Hand.R" bones for control special movements of the fingers.
- added "SP_Head_Roll" bone allowing to roll the head on itself whatever its position.
- fixed issue with "Rigid / Soft" & "FK / IK" switches when animated.
- fixed by default the "Scale" parameter for the Armature to 10 for matching with Mecabricks add-ons.
- misc improvements.
- added support for dual-molded parts.
- added normal maps for extra details (mold lines, injection point, LEGO(R) logo, etc...).
- added "Use Normal Map" option.
- added support for new "Color" & "Data" maps.
- added "Workflow" option for select between "Decoration/Metalness" & "Color/Data" maps workflow.
- removed "Bump Map".
- fixed issue with scale of the Shader when the "Scale" parameter of the Armature is set to a value different from 1.
- misc improvements.
- added "MecaFig Video Tutorials" web link to the "Help" Panel.
- code improvements
- updated "MecaFig Manual" to version 2019.1.1.
- updated "MecaFig Quick Install".

revision 2019.0.1 [19 Sep 2019]
- first release.
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