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To Go Further

After making beautiful renders with the Lite version you want to go a step further. This add-on is for you. Your virtual LEGO® parts will go through a rough treatment and will look like they had a hard time being played with.

The package includes the add-on, a Blender template with pre-defined render settings and a user manual to learn how to install and use it.

All future versions of this add-on will be free for current buyers.

Cool Features
• Use high-resolution part packs available in the Mecabricks online store
• Real geometry bevels available
• Scratches, fingerprints, dirt
• Stickers automatically detected and replaced by a special material
• Decorations are correctly handled and layers of materials are automatically generated (with bump maps for printed areas)
• Emission input for transparent and milky materials (glow in the dark)
• Use instancing to minimize memory and allow bigger scenes to be rendered on GPU
• Tool to randomize part location and rotation
• CPU and GPU ready

Add-on Versions
• 1.1.2 for Blender 2.79
• 2.0.4 for Blender 2.80

Differences between versions
• [1.1.2] Devices: CPU | File formats: Collada (.dae)
• [2.0.4] Devices: CPU and GPU | File formats: Mecabricks (.zmbx)

Need Help
- Send me an email using the link in the footer of Mecabricks
- Go to the dedicated topic on the forum

- Remove the Lite Add-on before installing the Advanced Add-on. The Advanced Add-on is capable of outputting the same result as the Lite add-on.
- Do not scale the model. Move the camera instead.

Things to know
- This add-on is design primarily for Cycles. Some of the materials may work but without any warranty.


Change Log

revision 2.0.4 [31 May 2019]
- Added support for High-Resolution part packs
- Controlled SSS radius with a mathematical function
- Updated value of black rubber material
- Fixed colour issue with sticker material
- Updated units in template file
- Added Vibrant Coral color to add-on 1.1.2 for Blender 2.79

revision 2.0.3 [18 Apr 2019]
- Fixed Milky material

revision 2.0.2 [17 Apr 2019]
- Improved transparent material. Lamps located inside transparent elements (decorated or not) are now correctly lighting the scene
- Added emission input for transparent, glitter and transparent decorated materials

revision 2.0.1 [13 Apr 2019]
- Updated transparent material
- Updated metal material
- Updated metal ink material for printed elements
- Reorganised shaders and node groups

revision 2.0.0 [8 Feb 2019]
- Updated add-on to make it work with Blender 2.80
- Accepts new Mecabricks file format .zmbx instead of Collada .dae
- Improved import speed
- Added value for new material Vibrant Coral 353
- Updated value for material Transparent 40
- Updated rubber material
- Includes Add-on 1.1.1 for official version of Blender 2.79

revision 1.1.1 [17 Feb 2018]
- Updated values for 150 and 139
- Added materials 334, 346 and 1106

revision 1.1.0 [24 Sep 2017]
- Updated User manual.
- Added import options to import meshes as is.
- Added tool panel to change the appearance of materials including: Bevel Shader, Color Shift, Wear and Tear, Flatness
- Added operator to randomize location and rotation of selected parts.
- Removed add-on preferences.
- Updated materials Pearlescent, Metal and Decoration.
- Updated template with pre-defined settings for filmic and denoiser.
- No backward compatibility with Blender versions lower than 2.79.

revision 1.0.2 [01 Aug 2017]
- Fixed a bug that slowed down the import process significantly.
- Fixed issues with transparent decorated parts.
- Imported parts are automatically added in an empty object named after the model.
- After process is completed, only the empty object is selected instead of all imported parts.
- Added backdrop to template files.
- Added option to mark sharp edges as freestyle edges. All other mesh operations are canceled as bevels are not needed anymore i.e. covered by freestyle lines. It is available for Advanced and Lite shaders.

revision 1.0.1 [24 Jun 2017]
- Adapted the code to make it work with the workshop exporter update.
- Fixed material replacement bugs.
- Updated mb_decoration to make it work with multi-transparent parts and parts having transparent inserts.
- Updated default value of bevel segments to 3.

revision 1.0.0 [17 Jun 2017]
- Script has been converted to an add-on. Models can be imported in any Blender scenes.
- Updated materials.
- Included Lite shaders. See add-on preferences.
- Included Principled BSDF based shaders.
- Included templates with pre-defined render settings.

revision 0.1.10 [11 Jun 2017]
- Updated code to make the script work with changes made to the Collada Mecabricks exporter.

revision 0.1.9 [09 Jun 2017]
- Changed default setting of Edge Split modifier to True to avoid flat surfaces being rounded
- Lowered transmission bounces to 8

revision 0.1.8 [08 Jun 2017]
- Optimized the script execution time (10x to 20x faster)
- Added a debug mode to display script information in the console
- Added instancing mode to minimize the memory needed and speed up scene build time
- Removed auto setting of colour management. It is up to the user to have the correct mode selected

revision 0.1.7 [30 May 2017]
- Updated mb_sticker to support decorated parts with stickers containing chrome materials
- Updated all Color Ramp node to constant interpolation
- Updated mb_pearl_effect from mb_pearlescent material
- Added separate input to all materials to control fingerprint strength
- Updated script to support fingerprint input

revision 0.1.6 [01 May 2017]
- Corrected various bugs in the material shaders
- Redesigned Metal and Pearlescent materials
- Added dirt texture
- Updated default values for all materials
- Renamed Fingerprints input to Dirt
- Corrected hex values for chrome materials 309, 310 and 2000

revision 0.1.5 [17 Mar 2017]
- Redesigned and simplified mb_transparent. Render time has decreased for objects with transparent material assigned.
- Updated, and mb_decoration to work with new mb_transparent node
- Lowered strength of mb_flatness

revision 0.1.4 [14 Mar 2017]
- Updated and to make the script work with the latest improvements of the DAE exporter
- Redesigned mb_decoration and mb_sticker
- Added mb_print and mb_background
- Auto detection of decorated parts background material
- shinny areas of prints and stickers appear with appropriate materials
- Bump map automatically generated for printed areas

revision 0.1.3 [10 Mar 2017]
- Fixed default value for bump input of mb_decoration
- Updated and to be able to use the experimental subdivision feature.

revision 0.1.2 [08 Mar 2017]
- Improved mb_flatness
- Improved mb_color
- Added a "color variation" input to material nodes with default value 0.1
- Updated default value of deep scratches

revision 0.1.1 [07 Mar 2017]
- Fixed mb_decoration material
- Updated SSS fall off to Cubic with Sharpness 1

revision 0.1.0 [06 Mar 2017]
- First issue
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