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Realistic Rendering made easy

If you are wondering how you could create beautiful images of LEGO models such as the ones you can see in the Mecabricks gallery, this add-on for Blender is the perfect starting point.

Software and files needed

It is not recommended to scale the parts as it will break the materials. If your blend file is not configured to use mm as the unit of measurement, the imported model may appear big in the viewport. Move the camera away and set the clipping distances appropriately for the viewport and render cameras.

If you wish to scale the model, you shall go through the materials one by one and change the input scale value.

For support regarding the Lite Add-on, please use this thread in the Mecabricks forum.

Mecabricks add-on versions


Change Log

revision 3.1.5 [19 May 2022]
- Fixed SSS radius for Cycles X
- Changed default roughness to improve transparent materials
- Added solid material 368 vibrant yellow
- Removed Blender template file from package
- Remove instruction manual from package
- Zip file downloaded from Mecabricks can be installed directly in Blender

revision 3.1.4 [05 Oct 2020]
- Updated template with settings optimized for Blender 2.90
- Allowed the add-on to run on Blender 2.80
- Viewport automatically switches to object mode before importing a model
- Set default extension of all textures to EXTEND
- Added glitter materials 341 and 251
- Added opal materials 360, 362, 363, 364 and 365 - Identical to transparent materials
- Updated geometry loader to handle custom split normals
- Updated normal builder to exclude bevel node when specified in configuration files

revision 3.1.3 [03 Feb 2020]
- Added back colour preview in viewport solid mode
- Fixed issue with old decorated transparent parts
- Tweaked decoration material
- Upgraded python code

revision 3.1.2 [16 Jan 2020]
- Default value for texture extension is set to CLIP
- Added 1199 in the material list
- Fixed error log for materials not found

revision 3.1.1 [15 Jan 2020]
- Fixed bugs for Blender Windows

revision 3.1.0 [14 Jan 2020]
- Add-on fully rewritten to handle the new Mecabricks part system
- Meshes imported are the original version as modeled not as triangulated by Mecabricks
- Removed support for Blender 2.79

revision 3.0.5 [10 Jun 2019]
- Fixed issue with decorated elements
- Controlled SSS radius with a mathematical function
- Updated value of black rubber material
- Updated units in template file
- Added Vibrant Coral color to add-on 2.0.8 for Blender 2.79

revision 3.0.4 [18 Apr 2019]
- Fixed Milky material

revision 3.0.3 [17 Apr 2019]
- Improved transparent material. Lamps located inside transparent elements (decorated or not) are now correctly lighting the scene

revision 3.0.2 [13 Apr 2019]
- Updated all materials. They are now based on the ones available in the advanced add-on

revision 3.0.1 [31 Jan 2019]
- Added opacity parameter for viewport materials. This is required by the latest Blender 2.80 build.

revision 3.0.0 [30 Jan 2019]
- Updated add-on to make it work with Blender 2.80
- Accepts new Mecabricks file format .zmbx instead of Collada .dae
- Improved import speed
- Added value for new material Vibrant Coral 353
- Updated value for material Transparent 40
- Updated rubber material
- Includes Add-on 2.0.7 for official version of Blender 2.79

revision 2.0.8b1 [03 May 2018]
- Added Add-on 2.0.8b1 for Blender Daily Build
- Add-on 2.0.7 for official version of Blender 2.79 is still included

revision 2.0.7 [17 Feb 2018]
- Updated values for 150 and 139
- Added materials 334, 346 and 1106

revision 2.0.6 [15 Oct 2017]
- Removed add-on preferences.
- Update template with pre-defined settings for filmic and denoiser.
- Updated materials and removed scale input.
- No backward compatibility with Blender versions lower than 2.79.

revision 2.0.5 [01 Aug 2017]
- Fixed issues with transparent decorated parts.
- Imported parts are automatically added in an empty object named after the model.
- After process is completed, only the empty object is selected instead of all imported parts.
- Added backdrop to template files.

revision 2.0.4 [24 Jun 2017]
- Adapted the code to make it work with the workshop exporter update.
- Fixed material replacement bugs.
- Updated mb_decoration to make it work with multi-transparent parts and parts having transparent inserts.

revision 2.0.3 [17 Jun 2017]
- Updated Default Shaders to have similar input values for both Default and Principled.
- Updated Pearlescent and Metal materials for Principled shaders.
- Fixed a bug with transparent parts in mb_decoration.

revision 2.0.2
- Corrected a bug that could prevent the add-on from importing models.

revision 2.0.1
- Added option to use shaders made with Principled BSDF.
- Added a new template that includes settings for the new denoiser.

These settings currently only work with Blender daily builds (2.8 excluded)

revision 2.0.0
- Script has been converted to an add-on. Models can be imported in any Blender scenes.
- Materials have been updated
- Decoration shader automatically detects base material and decorated areas to apply the correct materials.

revision 1.8.9
- Updated to make the script work with the DAE exporter improvements

revision 1.8.8
- Updated transparent material
- Updated chrome material
- Set unit system to metric and updated viewport scale
- Simplified set up process

revision 1.8.7
- Updated transparent material
- Turned on reflective and refractive caustics
- Increased glossy and transmission bounces

revision 1.8.6
- Redesigned rubber material. Node includes inputs to tweak the procedural bump map values.
- Updated rubber black hex and rgb values
- Updated pearlescent material and added a procedural marble texture (Thanks to Cynaptic)
- Fixed bump map scaling issue
- Updated default render samples value from 1000 to 600
- Updated normal wiring for all materials

revision 1.8.5
- Added experimental script to apply a subdivision modifier to parts

revision 1.8.4
- Added support for bump maps
- Updated part names

revision 1.8.3
- Updated values for Orange 106 and Gold Ink 299

revision 1.8.2
- Template compatible with latest version of the Mecabricks workshop
- Work with multicolour flexible parts

revision 1.8.1
- Updated Transparent material

revision 1.08
- Updated value of Transparent material 40
- Updated value of Rubber material 1026
- Updated Transparent material
- Replaced custom Fresnel by default Fresnel for Solid material
- Replaced custom Fresnel by default Fresnel for Milky material
- Replaced custom Fresnel by default Fresnel for Rubber material
- Replaced custom Fresnel by Layer Weight for Pearlescent material

revision 1.07
- Corrected value for colour 119
- Removed "Display Relationship Lines"
- Updated Fresnel Node
- Changed subsurface scatering depth to 0.5mm to avoid black lines at edges
- Remove SSS from Chrome material
- Reworked Metal and Rubber materials
- Tidied up materials

revision 1.06
- Updated SSS node and mix shader
- Updated glossiness for some of the materials
- Fixed Speckle and Glitter materials
- Updated scale of default scene (1 instead of 0.02)
- Updated camera end clipping point

revision 1.05
- Update colour value of Gold Ink (299)

revision 1.04
- Update colour value of Medium Azur (322)

revision 1.03
- Update colour value of Light Nougat (283)
- Update colour value of Medium Nougat (312)

revision 1.02
- Fix shader issues with Blender 2.74 for Windows

revision 1.01
- Change subsurface scattering falloff to gaussian in order to avoid Blender 2.74 crashing under Windows.

revision 1.0
- First issue
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