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Chapter 6
Published 1 year ago
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Okay... two things... I know LW's expression isn't fitting... but oh well.. also, I know this isn't my best build... but oh well #2

The oversized blast doors slid shut, blocking my view of the departing ships. They were gone now, and I would do my part to help in some way. Turning towards a nearby box I thought about cleaning up, after all there wasn’t anything else to— I stopped, something had just moved behind the box.

“Hello?” I called out, “Is anyone behind that box?”

“Greenie,” I heard LegoWilderness say slowly. “Please don’t make a scene when Dragon_Rider and I come out from behind this box.”

“What?” I questioned as the pair emerged from their hiding. “How are you still here, I mean your ship just,” I turned to make sure their ship was gone. It was, there was only one astroid disguised ship left in the hanger, our extra just in case for some reason we needed it.

“We programed an autopilot function, it took off without us and will be following the others,” D_R said in a whisper.

“I programed it D_R,” LW made clear. “You just supplied me with endless CHEEZE-ITS and La—”

“Okay but that’s not the point; the point is that we’re here to help you mate.”

“What?” I asked.

“LW and I realized that you were going to go rogue after everyone had left, and we didn’t feel right about stopping you, even with your condition, but at the same time we didn’t want to leave you. So we’ve stayed behind to help.”

I stood in silence for a moment or two, trying to process what they had said.

“Um…” I started but bit my tongue before continuing. “I’m not planning on going rogue.”

“You don’t have to hide it from us Greenie,” LW said with a wink. “We’re here to help you, this isn’t some kind of trick. Really, we’re here to help.”

“No, really. I wasn’t planning on going rogue.”

Suddenly Operator’s voice sounded over the ship’s intercom.

“Greenie, I need some water, please bring it up, like, really soon.”

I looked at my friends, who were suddenly shadowed by a change of expression.

“I have to go,” I said and turned, leaving the two behind.

Once I arrived at the bridge, with a cup in hand, I knocked and waited for a minute; nothing happened. I knocked again, and still nothing. Finally, I kicked the door with a good amount of force.

“The control panel Greenie,” I heard Operator yell through the com. “It’s not that hard.”

“Sorry,” I tried to yell through the door as I pushed several buttons on a nearby panel.

The door slid open and I walked in, Operator was sitting with his legs propped up on the desk, a box of chips within his reach and an empty soda can on the floor.

“Thanks bro,” he said with an unnoticeable wink from behind his visor. “I forgot to bring water up here, and it takes a lot of refreshment to run this rig.”

“No problem,” I said while handing him the cup, and then looking at the computer screen. “Minecraft!” I said in astonishment.

Operator suddenly looked startled, and then shut down the program, not even taking the time to save his work. I looked over to see Catz snickering from the back of the room, where he had been working on some kinda broken computer.

“Check check, um, radio in please,” Operator called into the microphone, trying to act like he was busy.

“I’ll leave y’all to your work,” I said with a half smile.

“Ah yes, thank you. Yup, you can go now Greenie.”

I turned and left, making my way to my bunker. Once inside I looked around. A dark blue backpack was sitting on a desk, which I quickly grabbed, throwing in my lightsaber, a snack, and a fake mustache. Slinging the pack over my shoulder I left the room, not bothering to turn the light off. I walked down several corridors and then took the nearest elevator. When the doors slid open I passed a slightly distressed D_R and LW in the hallway, who stopped me for a second.

“Greenie, you didn’t tell Op that we’re here did you?” LW asked.

“No,” I said before quickly leaving them.

“Well at least that’s good,” D_R said with a sigh. “I’m really sorry mate, I was certain Greenie was going. Sadly yet thankfully his mind wasn’t sharp enough to think of leaving.”

“Yeah, but…” LW stopped and looked down the hall.

“But what?”

“But he knows now.”

The two didn’t take time to say anything else, or give each other and affirming glance; they both sped down the corridor on hopes of reaching me before I reached the hanger. If they weren’t able to reach me before I got into the extra disguised ship, they’ed either be left behind or follow me in an ordinary ship, one in which they’ed most certainly be spotted. Coming to a door D_R pressed a button on the keypad and waited, yet nothing happened. D_R pressed the button three more times, yet still nothing happened.

“Shoot,” LW gasped before turning around to find a different rout.

“You don’t think he jammed it or anything do you?” D_R asked.

“I don’t know, it depends on how clear his mind is at the moment. That’s not our concern however, it’s getting to the hanger.”

They reached the hanger entrance only to stop, another door was shut, blocking their path. D_R didn’t bother to try the control panel, but ignited her lightsaber and sent the thing crashing to the floor. They looked around at the quiet and empty room before LW punched the wall in frustration. The ship was gone, and so was Greenie.

“Are we staying?”

“No,” LW said as he looked around trying to decide which spacecraft to take. “We’re going after him, after all, Operator should have gotten an alert that a door or two was damaged and we don’t want to be around when he figures out somethings fishy.”

“Than lets take the SonicKitty,” D_R said, pointing to a greenish fighter like craft.

“Is that what Catz called his creation? And why would we take that?”

“One, Catz put a lot of thought into making it fast. Two, it hasn’t been connected with the MeltingBricks tracking system yet.”

“Good points, let’s roll.”

They both ran to a nearby wall, throwing on a protective jacket and helmet. If worse came to worse, these would help them survive in space for a short yet reasonable amount of time. These items seemed necessary, since they didn’t have any form of disguise. Climbing abroad LW took the controls, and motioned for D_R to get in the back seat. Flipping a switch he sat back, and the windshield began to close over them.

“You know Dragon,” LW said in wonder as the giant blast doors before them began to slide open, “What would our parents think if they knew we were flying into space in some digital universe.”

“Don’t ask me, I’ve never seen them respond to a situation like this.”

“Yeah, well, too bad, cause here we go.”

LW ignited the engine, and the ship launched forward in a smooth yet somehow absorbent motion. Stars flew past them in glowing rays and the dark sky seemed to be swallowing them.

“How long till we reach either Greenie, or that big ship everyone else is headed for?”

“Not sure,” LW said with a shrug. “I’m just trying to enjoy the moment, and hope it’s not one of my last.”

Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!
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1 year ago
Nice Chapter!

1 year ago
Man, I just love the way you wrote me in this.
I probably would've said "let's roll" in that situation. I say it all the time at home but you weren't to know that.
Great work!
1 year ago
Nice thats been taken hmmm EPIC!
1 year ago
Thank-- Okay, that was weird... I was responding to your comment and before I could finish writing 'Thank you'... I somehow ended up on your home pafe O_O... I mean page... anyways, I better finish this before some other weird circumstance prevents me from being polite

@D_R Well you could be grateful you know! I feel hurt... *sniff* micro aggressions... I need my security blanket, I'm feeling unsafe *sniff*... *whimpers*... micro aggressions... MICRO AGGRESSIONS!!!!!! Jk
... Anyways, I'm glad you like your presentation
... sometimes I'm not sure how my writing is turning out, and need someone else to give their perspective... so to hear I'm doing okay is good news
... except for the fact the MICRO AGGRESSIONS!!!!
... Actually, I see what you mean. I find it hard to write LW in an action scene, not because he's not cool, but he's just very casual; a very laid back kinda person

Does this work?... I don't care
... actually, that was a lie... I do care... PLEASE WORK!!!! Anyways... Thank you Thanks also been taken... hmmm... GRACIAS!
1 year ago
Security blanket, isn’t that called a “blanket fort”?

1 year ago
That was really great, dude!
"@LW's expression."
1 year ago
LW said "Let's roll."
1 year ago
Man, Op playing Minecraft? sigh I wish.

Great chapter!
1 year ago
@OffRoad Thank you!

, you're coming up again in the next chap bro
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