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Are y’all all mad at me?
Published 7 months ago
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Are y’all mad at me, I get why, I’m sorry! Please don’t hold a grudge with me! I’m might take off a few days, week... but the party still goes I just want the war to end, am I at blame, I get why your mad, I also don’t want a huge blame game, let’s all quit, delete this mess, like me and bishop, let’s let it exist in memory! Will y’all ever stop, let us that don’t care anymore just go on Mecabricks as normal, build, comment, and do whatever we do like we used to... When i made the war, it didn't have anything to do with the red and blue war, it was for fun, the jumbled up letters spelled "Skeleton Army" my next enemy I made up, not red, blued, or rogue team...

I don’t care how many of y’all dislike me,
Signing out,
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7 months ago
No one is mad any more about your gang. They are mad however, about how you are over exaggerating the rogue/blue/red team rivalry. I don't care about that, but some users are not happy about your comments at all. Just be careful.
7 months ago
I know that i have Let you down, that how my build looks, the let you down picture...
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