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Fire Flower and Super Star Expansion Set
Published 1 year ago
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Impressive, huh? Well, sadly, this isn't a real LEGO set, I just cleverly made it look like it with all the custom prints and stuff. I really like the Fire Flower design using that 2x4 Rounded flat tile piece. There's not an Action Tile on it 'cause you need the Fire Mario Power-Up Pack to use it, so it's just for decoration. I REALLY like the Super Star design though, using that 2x2 Star piece, a custom-printed 2x2 flat tile with the eyes, and that Inverted 2x4 flat tile with an Action Tile print on it. I also included a few Note Blocks to help LEGO Super Mario get up to the star, and I imagine that if this set was actually real, LEGO Mario would jump on the Action Tile, and a note would play. The pitch of the note would get higher with every one, and when LEGO Mario reaches the last one, the Highest pitched note would play and would give him some coins. I got inspired by the 1, 2, and 3 Blocks from Toad's Treasure Hunt set and thought it would be for PERFECT use with Note Blocks. I'm surprised LEGO and Nintendo haven't thought of this. But, yeah, that's pretty much all there is to it. Peace out.

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1 year ago
12 months ago
Where did you find the action tile print?
12 months ago
Those are custom prints made by me, meaning no one else can access them.
10 months ago
omg send this to lego for series 3 it is a good oppertunity omg omg omg omg
by tg
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