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It's Returning...
Published 1 year ago
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Last time...

It was a failure.

A big, sad failure.

Heck, I almost ended my career because of it.

But NEXT year...

... Things will be different.

No longer am I the wimp I used to be.

I know how to take things like this the right way.


... TG Month 2: Next Take.

Now with less childish, more mature flavoring xD

But yeah, back then I really didn't understand big events like Comic-Con, so what do I do? I make a whole month of me being a show-off xD

Sure, it may still seem like I'm still showing-off, but this isn't celebrating just me. It's about the whole MB platform as a whole. I'm just naming it TG Month for brand memorizing, even though I could just use MB Month, I still want it to have the same name.

So, what are the plans for TG Month 2: Next Take?

Well, it's about all MB users, big or small, coming together and thinking about what led us here. If Mecabricks didn't exist, where else where would we spend a quarter of our lives?

It's also about having fun on this platform, celebrating, and just thanking Scrubs in general for all he's done. He's changed most of our lives with his creation, including mine.

So, let's just have fun with it this time, okay?

-Coming February/March 2021...-
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1 year ago
Just a question, if it’s about all Mecabricks users, why retain the TG Month name? I think it might be a better decision to call it MB Month, as you suggested. Judging from the reactions the last TG month had, I’m not so sure it’s a wise decision to introduce another.
by tg
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