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Should This Be My New Look?
Published 2 years ago
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Hey everybody! So, if you saw one of my last Posts
( https://mecabricks.com/en/models/BLvGkk64vGy ), then you'll probably know that I want to change my look. And, I know all of you made many Suggestions, and sorry, but I didn't really keep track.
So, I would like if we could decide on this! I made this Custom Torso and Custom Hip Piece. And this wasn't one of the choices in that Post, but, I feel like it might have never ended on Choices. No offense.

So, I'm really mainly thinking of using this for My SigFig!

So, if you all agree (which I hope you do) then I think I'll use this!

But, in my Upcoming Story (after The Antarctic Apocalypse Story) 'The Legacy of Lightning', then maybe I'll just use all of them so I don't just wear one thing! XD

Anyways, I hope you like it, and have a God Blessed Day!

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2 years ago
Yes. That looks great.

Also, there's a surprise waiting for you in my account
2 years ago
I really like it!
You should use that.
2 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad you both like it!
And I'll check it out TG!
2 years ago
maybe switch the sleeves around make the sweater/hoodie earth blue you got me at yes!
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