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Burton Banished: Chapter 1, "a strange man in a strange land..."
Published 4 months ago
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so these won't be full sized Meca-stories that are like eight pages long, more like really short memoirs or something.
okey, now on with the tiny story!
justyouraveragebuilder was no more, in his place was justy knifehands, a miscreant from the land of Tim Burton. as he stood up he took in his surroundings. to his left, an old wooden windmill, and to his right, a city. in front of and behind him was a forest.
now who would build a windmill in a forest. I'm sure the trees catch all of the wind meant for the rotation power that windmills are meant to generate. but then he remembered that he was in the sometimes black-and-white Burtonverse, where not a whole lot made sense, put lightly. he decided to venture into the city. he had better a chance of figuring out what the heck was happening there in a place populated by people, or... other Burton things. and so as he headed there he met no real trouble, just disproportionate animal-like figures scurrying and bounding through the forest at his sides. he decided that it was as good a time to test out his new knifey hands. he took to one of the bent trees and just sliced it with unyielding vigour. after a few minutes, the tree was no more.
nice... this could come in handy, oh wait, PUN! HAND-y? get it? because I have knife hands? he thought to no one in particular.
as he strode into town, choppy-moving people with huge glassy eyes shut window frames and locked doors as he walked past, a boy sprinting to his door, leaving his spinning top still revolving in the middle of the street. every resident obviously in fear of him and his... differentness. justy recalled his time watching Edward scissorhands and made a mental note to try to pick a lock later. he was just trying to pick up a newspaper to learn about what was going on, when a bony hand emerged from the darkness and grasped his shoulder.

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4 months ago
a bony hand
i wonder who that could be ?
4 months ago
“Justy Kniffingers” would’ve been the better name, IMO…
4 months ago
so would Edward Scissorfingers.
but I chose the burton name, not the logical name.
4 months ago
*just realizes that I have fingers, instead of weird crab pincher thingoos as justy scissorhands*
4 months ago
Also, “scissors” are a single tool…like a hand.
But your hand is made up multiple knives… IOW, fingers!
4 months ago
but he isn't called Edward Scissorshands, it's just a single scissor, even though he does have multiple scissors.
4 months ago
Wonder who the bony hand could be. Definitely not the one MB user who’s a skeleton.
4 months ago
It’s probably Jack Skeleton.
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