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3D GAME #1
Published 4 months ago
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The next step! Instead of just the old boring games, here you can actually move around in a 3D space! (Mecabricks is 3D anyways, so...
) (The controls are a bit confusing thought... I want to change left & right in future XD) (Spoilers: It isn't touchscreen friendly)

Using complicated stuff (and the Anti-Justy-System
) I have created a block that can move! *Scattered claps*


Anyways, get to the yellow platform, if you fall down, you respawn

Start the game:
- Open model in workshop by pressing 'editor'.
- Open Nodes (middle icon of the trio on the top left)
- Press play (it's literally a play button XD)
- Close Nodes (By pressing the icon again)
- Select the top folder under graph (That says: "Rotate")

- Arrow keys (right & left) to rotate (You'll figure it out soon enough
- Arrow keys (up & down) to go forward / stop
- Click the eye of the object in the folder to jump!

If you can't go forward:
- Open nodes
- Go to the node tree that says: "problem?"
- Check the checkbox
- Reselect the folder under graph
- Uncheck checkbox
- Close nodes

! Please don't move view in Workshop !

Whew... that was a lot to say


(And tell me what you think
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4 months ago
Awesome! (You’re getting pretty close to 200 models…
4 months ago
Wiz - Thanks!!
& Also 30k views... Haven't prepared anything...
4 months ago
Thats so cool! (Also, i beat the game.)
4 months ago
It's Awesome!
4 months ago
Very cool! Good job man!
4 months ago
WhySoSerious - Thank you!!
& Congrats! XD

XillUrt - Thanks!!

Starborn - Thanks!!
4 months ago
honestly, I don't even feel like editing this.
it looks hard.
wait, that's suspicious.
I mean, I don't feel like not editing this.
wait, no... that's even more suspicious....
okay, lemme start over...
I'm not going to edit this, because I never edit these.
1 week ago
This is very cool!
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