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TheCalcMan (World of Peace Version)
Published 1 month ago
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*scribble scribble*

"This test blows, man...."

"Yeah. Glad we're doin' it together though, right?"




"False. Math tests are individual assignments. Or did you both forget that with your obvious lack of focus?"

"It's not my fault, man, i just...my head..."

"Already? Heh, you're going to love the back page"

"Stop insulting him!"


"Excuse me?"

"You dont have to be a jerk to us, just let us do the test! I mean..."


"hey....dude, are you alright?"

"*gasp* ..gonna...I can't...."

"Shut up and do the test."

"God! Can't YOU shut up and see that he's not well?"

"You sound like someone I don't like..."

"It's common sense, idiot!! He's panicking! So why ignore him, why ignore me, why ignore what any kid thinks and torture them like this?"

"Because it's life. I swear, there's so many children like you declining in intelligence...you'd all rather chase pleasure with your stupid "hide and seek" and offensive pranks than grow up and do hard work. You've forgotten reality....it's stupid that you have to be reminded."

"You sick- "


"Hmph. Keep spitting nonsense, jerk, cause you'll be scared out of your math pants when Justice Girl comes in to save us!"

"You think she's coming for 2 unknown troublemakers?"

"Well...with THAT kind of threat...

...let's make it 1."
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1 month ago
He hath returned...
Very nice story.
5 models | 363 views