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Praetor Cohort
Published 2 months ago
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One of the greatest blows taken by the Loyalist Mechanicus during the Corvos Civil War was the loss of the Legio Cybernetica's entire force of Thallax cyborgs- and the tech-priests that possessed the knowledge to construct more- when the traitorous battleship Storm Bringer and a fleet of assorted Chaos-flagged vessels destroyed the Ark Mechanicus Harmony of Engines in a twelve-day gun duel during the initial uprisings.

forced to rebuild their knowledge from scratch, and with far more limited resources, the first Praetorians were simple attempts to replicate the capabilities of the Thallax- however, multiple incursions by Traitor Astartes forces and worse things have caused the Praetorians to evolve into something very different from the Thallax of yore. Praetors are selected from the greatest and most capable veterans of the Corvos Tech Guard troops, enhanced with hulking cybernetics based partially on the power armor used by the very force they are meant to fight: the Space Marines.

while not as capable as the massive post-human super-soldiers, Praetorians compensate for the difference through use of heavy weapons, and use of Conversion Field Generators and power weapons on a mass scale- a luxury only the Mechanicus can afford.

This Cohort possesses two heavy weapon specialists with Power Axes and a multi-melta and lascannon, two standard troopers with boltguns and, respectively, a Power Sword and Halberd, and is lead by a Preator Alpha with a Plasma Culveren and Galvanic Claw.
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