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Background Glorp Corp Mixels
Published 5 years ago
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Welcome, everyone! My name is Daniel Brito, and today I will show you the background Glorp Corp Mixels that debuted in A Quest For the Lost Mixamajig and Every Knight Has Its Day.
Booger (the short Mixel with one eye and one tooth) is a bit snarky and mischievous according to his bio, but he is a very skilled Murp Ball player who is also loyal. In this model, he comes with King Nixel's true form. Now, from left to right:
Left: Globbie (the two-eyed Mixel with two black horns and a large, snot-filled nose) is aggressive, as he quarreled with Mixadel about a seat.
Middle: Slymee (the tall, one-eyed Mixel with two teeth) is both a middle school student and the Mixelverse's youngest mailman.
Right: Oozly (the Mixel who looks like Globbie) likes to go fishing in the swamplands, just like he did in A Quest For the Lost Mixamajig.
Now that's all for today, viewers!
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5 years ago
In case you don't know who Mixadel is, he is a cube-shaped Medival Mixel with two identical brown arms, one eye that wears a steel helmet, and four legs. He has a catapult on his back.
5 years ago
Since Booger is a popular background Mixel, can you please give him and the others a set of their very own?
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