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Micro Millennium Falcon
Published 2 years ago
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The ginormous new UCS Millenium Falcon was reveald just yesterday and it inspired me to create this micro version of the legendary Star Wars spaceship.
I hope you like it.

This model was built by me saabfan. You may download it, render it and built it in real life but please always include my name if you post it online.
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2 years ago
Wow, what a great idea!
(Do I see a Republic logo cameo there...? face with stuck-out tongue)
2 years ago
Beautiful! I might actually be able to afford this... face with stuck-out tongue

On a somewhat related note, is anyone on here planning on giving out references and/or drawing the decorations for the actual set once it is released?
2 years ago
Thank you! @NGCHunter2 Yep it thought it kinda looked like the gunner windows. face with stuck-out tongue
2 years ago
Great, as detailed as the big one for its size!

Qwerty7556: Same here about affordability smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
Executed very nicely saabfan! It looks amazing!

@Qwerty Neither from me, I'll let someone else handle that. face with stuck-out tongue
2 years ago
VEry nice animation R33l_Just1ce !
2 years ago
Splendid animation! Thank you very much. smiling face with open mouth
2 years ago
Nice animation R33l_Just1ce!
2 years ago
I have a question. How can I make rear plates a light source? I mean if i have a piece how can I change the mateial properties in order to let it emitting light?
2 years ago
You should put this up on Rebrick.com.
2 years ago
A while ago I have rendered the Micro Millennium Falcon with Modo.

The actual daily build of Blender 2.79 has now a nice Bevel shader node what works like a charm with the new hybrid CPU-GPU rendering.

I addes the Blender version what took 3 min 20 sec on a 12 Core Dual XEON system with GTX 1080Ti.
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