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MX-SH (Model by JD430w)
Published 3 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
Original model by JD430w, which may be seen here.

Well, this should be expected of me I suppose... Not entirely happy with the colouring, but it's harder than one might expect to get a faithful Mars Mission colour scheme. Confused face

It'll probably grow on me. face with stuck-out tongue
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3 years ago
I knew it! And the name should have been the MX-IV, since MT was for grounded vehicles, while MX craft can fly.
3 years ago
Nice! If only we could get bricks in those colors.
3 years ago
I knew it! I had thought about doing this one myself but hadn't gotten to it.
3 years ago
@UmbraManis I didn't know that, which is somewhat surprising. Thanks for letting me know. I shall correct it... Do you know if there's a specific meaning behind it?

@SafePit Thanks! It would be neat if we could. Maybe in a future Nexo Knights set.

@JD430w You gotta let me get this version.
3 years ago
Added a quick render using advanced script.
3 years ago
@UmbraManis @Masman8675 You guys are using the wrong one to make these properly, though. You're using my older Sundered Heart from ROTS model, which had a round dish. If you want these to be based on the Tantive IV, you need a square dish:
Now, it doesn't really matter, of course, as they'll look great regardless, but I just thought I'd put that out there. Round probably works better for Mars Mission.
In other news, I've got a bigger, better NCS recoloring coming in about one week's time...
3 years ago
The render makes it look a lot better. Seems like Transparent Orange is like that on Mecabricks... Thanks SafePit!

@JD430w Changed the name (again).
Which is good because I didn't really like MX-IV. Too much like Roman Numerals, and not a space vessel.
3 years ago
New name sounds better.
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