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Retro Racers Garage Display
Published 4 years ago
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No renderings uploaded yet
All contenders work on their cars for the big race !
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4 years ago
Like like like! I am sure someone will give life to this thing with minifigs and sport cars.
4 years ago
This is now in my to-render list.
4 years ago
Yes Scrubs, I hope so ! I try to create a universe with cars, characters and sceneries under the hashtag "Retro Racers". It's inspired by the set 5920-1, a kind of auto championship on a island with low blows and screaming engines !

Zanna : I count on you and on SaitoGray !
4 years ago
Very nice! I want to render this as well...
4 years ago
Nothing less than greatness as usual!
4 years ago
Amazing render Zanna! Just uploaded mine.
4 years ago
Nice work Masman!
4 years ago
Zanna asked me if I can do a compare render with MODO. He sent me the BLENDER scene. I tried to setup everything close to BLENDER. The area lights work different. I could not really find out how to sync them 100%. I think the upper ones are a to bright in my scene what is the reason why I lose the darker shadows.

My F-Stop is a bit too low. Overall the BLENDER setup of SCRUBS based on an old MODO material scene is great. We just have differences in the shader setups. Both softwares use finally a same render technology. In theory it would be possible to setup very similar shaders where you don't really see a difference anymore.

My MODO shaders have a less blurry reflection. I think I lowered the value from 8% to 6% a while ago. The rounded edge shader is implemented in MODO. The custom BLENDER rounded edge shader is not working through glass materials when I remember right.

Thanks to Zanna for sharing the scene. It's a great result as usual.
4 years ago
I am currently tweaking my materials in Blender. I might release a new version in the next couple of months.

Yes, the round edge shader doesn't work through glass. I think that there is another version around that does but it is way slower if I remember the comments. In terms of time current one is already not that great and it prevents from using GPU rendering.
4 years ago
Fantastic Renderbricks

Technically you are the number one!
4 years ago
I found out how to setup the area lights and F-Stop and will render a new picture what takes 11 hours on a DELL 12 core XEON system
4 years ago
Thank you to all three for your amazing renders !
4 years ago
Here's a next result in half the resolution I scaled up to 3000 x 2000 and I will render a final picture tonight what will take around 6 hours.

I had to fight against an annoying sampling bug in MODO but found a workaround.

Regarding technical details I have to say that the BLENDER setup based on my MODO shaders is not really a difference anymore. There are just differences in the shader values for reflections, the glass material has to be checked and there are missing rounded edges at the rim wheel in the BLENDER result.

The rounded edge shader is really working good in BLENDER except the limitation with transparency. Overall we have a very solid BLENDER setup. SCRUBS will make it perfect for sure.
4 years ago
Updated to final version in 4500 x 3000. The picture took over 12 hours to render on two 12 core XEON systems and 3 more older computers by distributed rendering.
4 years ago
And 1 second to download it lol
I think that the warm gold colour (297) is not quite right. I noticed that on some of your renders. it is way more vibrant in real life. Not much to say except from that
3 years ago
These are all amazing renders as well as an awesome build!
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