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Background Frosticons
Published 4 years ago
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Hello again, everyone! My name is Daniel Brito and today, I will show you the background Frosticon Mixels that debuted in Every Knight Has Its Day. Let me tell you all about them:
Little is known about Frostbite (the short, cycloptic Frosticon) or Shivor (the two-eyed Frosticon with a long neck), except that they play Murpball.
Fridjerk (the tall, cycloptic Frosticon with 3-fingered hands) is a tough Mixel student.
The Mixing 101 narrator (the two-eyed Frosticon whose eyes are half-closed) looks boring for such a narrator. He wears a blue coat with a pocket and three buttons.
Now that's all for today, viewers!
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4 years ago
Frostbite and Shivor have Slumbo's ice shard pieces. Too bad these pieces weren't on Mecabricks. So I used paint roller pieces in place of Frostbite's shards and pail handles instead of Shivor's.
4 years ago
Thanks for the build and the story that goes with
4 years ago
Note: Painted Nixels appeared in "Nixel Mix Over".
4 years ago
Can you give them a LEGO set, please?
7 models | 613 views
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