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Tower of Vlad Dracula
Published 4 years ago
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The Tower of Vlad Dracula was released in 2003 by Daniel Siskind. It includes 22 minifigures such as Vlad, his bride, a witch, Vlad's soldiers, and servants. Hungarians and mercenaries attack the keep with their ballista.
The keep has three floors, the battlements, and a tower. First, the lowest level contains a dungeon and a torture chamber complete with a rack, chains, and a skeleton. Next, there is an entry level which has access from the exterior stairs. This level has a table, cross shaped arrow slits, hanging weaponry from the walls, and torches. The third level has a witch's room complete with a cauldron in the fireplace, shelves with potions, a weapons rack, a table, and candle holders. The battlement level contains a small timber frame structure with a fireplace. Stairs lead to the top of the lookout tower and it's balcony.

Missing parts :
3334 (model 3D) replaced by 3026*2 + 3029*2
6126a (model 3D) replaced by 6126b
3626bpx68 (decoration) replcaded by 3626bpx82
973px82a (decoration) replaced by 973pb0960c01
3626bps2 (decoration) replaced by 3626cpb1028
3626bpb0092 (decoration) replaced by 3626bpb0459
3747a (model 3D) replaced by 3747b
x43/6122 (model 3D) replaced by 48493
3626bpx97 (decoration) replaced by 3626bpb0020
30105 (model 3D) replaced by 10051
4215bpx1 (decoration)
3626bpx115 (decoration Glow In Dark Opaque) replaced by 3626cpb0001
33286 (model 3D) replaced by 33291+85861
87685 (model 3D)
87686 (model 3D)
87687 (model 3D)
59 (model 3D) replaced by 98370
bb190pb01 (model 3D and decoration) replaced by 56630
3626bpb0109 (decoration) replaced by 3626bj
x234/4337 (model 3D)
40232 (model 3D) replaced by 92084
970c00pb002 (decoration)
973px148c01 (decoration)
4332 (model 3d)
7026/3081cc01 (model 3D) replaced by 60592+86209
3049b (model 3D) replaced by 3049c
x376px1 (model 3D and decoration) replaced by 2525px5
973px58 (decoration) replaced by 973pb0960c01
3626bp02 (decoration) replaced by 3626ag
x161/30475 (model 3D) replaced by 88286
x376px6 (model 3D and decoration)
x560px1 (model 3D and decoration)
6125 (model 3D)
973px15 (decoration) replaced by 973p41c03
x167/59858/4503 (model 3D)
4502b/87692 (model 3D)
x375pb01 (model 3D and decoration) replaced by 23901
x376px6 (model 3D and decoration)
x560px1 (model 3D and decoration)
42443 (model 3D)

I'll work on missing parts.
I will update when missing parts will be uploaded.
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4 years ago
Wow, I don't even remember seeing this set before
Look at all the details!!
4 years ago
Unfortunately Daniel Siskind does not release new castle sets any more.
He's always create wonderful sets, but now, he release only world war sets.
The last castle set was released in 2011. It is known as Highland Keep and it seems to be truly amazing but I didn't find a way to obtain the official instructions to build it on Mecabricks
4 years ago
@Thoril Hmmm...and I'm guessing you've tried contacting him and asking if he might release it?
4 years ago
@LeGoMaNiAc02 Not yet, english is not my mother tongue, because of that, I need a lot more time to try to express correctly my thought in english.
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