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Burton Banished: Chapter 2, "or may my bones be broken."
Published 4 months ago
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justy knifehands immediately spun around in retaliation to the hand that had been placed on his shoulder, slashing his knives like he did to the tree, the figure jumped back into a nearby alley. justy could tell from it's silhouette that it was tall and thin, with long arms and even longer legs, just like many claymation Burton Characters. on his head appeared to be a skull mask, that seemed deceptively friendly.
"Who are you?" justy demanded
"So you don't recognize me?" replied a voice that obviously came from a badly-taken care of throat
"Quite obviously." justy replied coldly. it was then that the figure stepped into the gloomy light. he was wearing a suit without sleeves, and a winter hood that pretty much seemed to sprout from the suit, which was odd, and jeans that would be normal on justy, but with the mysterious person's long, thin legs, they were just jean shorts. but of course the friendly skeleton mask hid the creature's facial features. however, the unusual character's thin body made more sense when justy realized he was a skeleton.
"Okay, I'm going to make a deal with you, spooky scary. if you can give me a reason not to test if knives can cut through bone, I'll spare you."
"Well, here's one." the skeleton said and pulled out a cocked and ready crossbow.
"That's a good reason. counter reason, freaking knife fingers. so your reason isn't very good compared to mine. so if you don't have a legitimate reason..."
"Whoa, justy. I'm not going to shoot you unless I have to." (this specific line is the part shown in the model)
"I feel like you think you're the one in control here. need I bring up my knife hands?
did you just say my name?"
"Indeed. do you know mine?" the skeleton said and pulled off his skeleton mask to reveal...
a skull. I don't know what you expected there, but there's a skull under the skull mask. I mean, he's a skeleton. common sense, people!
"Ah... yes?" justy replied, wondering why the skeleton had a skull mask on when he already had a skull.
"Oh right, weird face. it's me, Bricksandbones! I want to help you get out of here."
"But how do I know I can trust you?" justy interrogated.
"Because I'm stuck down here too. so what would I have to lose? plus, I'm still your bodyguard."
"Still my- oh yeah! you were supposed to guard me from Wiz. bloody lot of good that did me."
"Yeah... well, you can't say that I didn't find you! right after I joined the W club, I found a black and white door, and-"
"Save it for the road." justy interrupted
"What road leading where?"
"You know, once we find out what's going on, that time where we're going where we need to go to go back to the regular-verse. by the way, can I call you Bricks and Burtons now?"
"No. I swear, if you call me that, I will literally crossbow your face or may my bones be broken." BricksandBurtons firmly denied.
"'Or may my bones be broken...' I like that."
and so they started looking for clues, and all that jazz. blah blah blah,
the TO BE CONTINUEDs will get bigger with each chapter. ;}
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4 months ago
I’m very happy! But how did Bricksandbones get into the BurtonVerse? I certainly didn’t banish him… Also, why is he randomly wearing a skull mask? Like the one Barrel had in TNBC?
4 months ago
sorry there hasn't been a chapter in a week, there's been a lot of things going on in my life, and I'm usually unable to get any story work done. one will be out soon though!
4 months ago
It’s okay.
We’ll all just wait here, then… O_O *ticking intensifies*
4 months ago
usually i would make i a skeleton waiting joke but im all out of humor for now
3 months ago
Hey Just... Wouldn’t it be... Scissorhands?
3 months ago
No, cuz they’re knives (Pronounced: KA-NEE-Vs) not Scissors (Pronounced: Ski-Zzers).
2 weeks ago
What happened to this series? This kind of reminds me of my star wars what if #3 taking a long time before it was finally released on May the Fourth be with You, aka Star Wars Day which wasn't planned but I decided to get it done that day mainly because it is Star Wars Day and it was basically a perfect star wars day special in my opinion. Anyway, I hope this series can come back eventually.
2 weeks ago
Justy cancelled it, and in a future story, (after The Workshop) I’m going to continue where it left off.
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